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Analysis of Monuments to Our Better Nature by Michael Byers - Essay Example

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The author narrates the story in the first person as the main protagonist. He uses imagery to show various features such as monuments, buildings and status to enable…
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Analysis of Monuments to Our Better Nature by Michael Byers
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Monuments to Our Better Nature by Michael Byers"

Download file to see previous pages According to Byers, these monuments inspire the great work of several groups of individuals including some prominent people in America who possessed a common purpose as well as common values.
In addition, the features of the story are also used to depict the greatness of the American nation since it stands for what is good for its citizens.  Michael Byers has used the monuments to help readers understand their importance because they represent the principles of the heroes who struggled and sacrificed everything in order to stand for the truth. According to the author, the struggle for liberation still continues presently because of the existence of evil activities. This paperwork focuses on the description and imagery used by Michael Byers in his book “Monuments to Our Better Nature,” in order to create diversification in the mind of the readers.
Michael Byers uses vivid descriptions and imagery in his writing to create a picture of American history in the minds of the readers. He provides detailed and carefully chosen descriptions to allow for greater understanding. Therefore he has exploited and invested in these techniques because he felt that they were important in conveying information. In his writing, Michael Byers has used images and description of monuments, statues and buildings to deliver his theme to the audience. In addition, the author has used his own life as the character in the book. He carries readers throughout the book as a tour guide, providing them with various historical features across the nation (Halton 6).
The story opens when Michael Byers narrates his personal history since his childhood in the early seventies. He begins by giving the image of the National Mall where he visited regularly with his mother prior to the onset of the Vietnam War. He then describes the blue whale and the Stuffed African elephant. Additionally Byers describes other amazing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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