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Behavior theorist learning: Lefrancois (1988:29) is quoted by Lingua Links (1999) as saying that behavior theorist learning is “based on contiguity (simultaneity of stimulus and response events) and those based on the effects of behavior (reinforcement and punishment)”. This…
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Next Core Unit
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RESAVED Briefly define each of the following learning theories and explain how your understanding of each helps you plan, organise and deliver effective group learning:
Behavior theorist learning: Lefrancois (1988:29) is quoted by Lingua Links (1999) as saying that behavior theorist learning is “based on contiguity (simultaneity of stimulus and response events) and those based on the effects of behavior (reinforcement and punishment)”. This means that in my plan, organization and lesson delivery, there must be the use of rewards to reinforce good behavior and the use of punishment to deter bad behavior.
Cognitive theorist learning: “Cognitive theory is a learning theory of psychology that attempts to explain human behavior by understanding the thought processes” (Fritscher, 2011). To this effect, it important to allow students to come up with their own thoughts, ideas and opinions about topics and issues in lesson planning, organization and delivery.
Information processing (chuncking and sequencing): Information processing the process of using one’s brain or intelligence to group ideas and thoughts in a logical manner in order to make it simple for the mind to comprehend and make meaning out of. This means that in lesson planning, organization and delivery, lessons must be practical rather than abstract so that learners can have the opportunity to easily have a metal picture of the concepts being taught.
(2) Give two examples each of how you could:
(a) Identify the various needs of individual learners within a group
1. The need to master sentence construction with correct grammatical expression
2. Reading proficiency
(b) Manage the different needs of learners within a group that learning is effective for all
1. Constructing lesson timetable in such a way that caters for as many learning needs of learners as possible.
2. Giving priority to indivual needs of learners without looking down on any
3. Using different teaching approaches and strategies that caters for the different learning needs of learners.
(3) Describe two examples of inappropriate behaviour that a learner may demonstrate in a group-based training situation typical to your workplace. For each example, describe at least one strategy you could use to effectively manage the behaviour
Example 1: Not allowing other people to express themselves but taking charge of all questions and activities.
Strategy 1: Distributing tasks to all learners in the group so that no one person overshadows the others.
Example 2: Refusing to undertake exercises and assignments
Strategy 2: Giving a personalised counseling to the learner to find his or her problem. If it concerns the type of assessment, varying the assessment type give.
LinguaLinks Library, ‘Behaviorist theories of learning’ Web. June 14, 2011
Fritscher L. ‘Cognitive Theory’. About.Psychology. 2011. web. June 14, 2011 Read More
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