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The Main Theme of the Novel Under the Title Revolutionary Road - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the main theme of the novel under the title Revolutionary Road by renowned American novelist Richard Yates. The writer has successfully portrayed the socio-cultural environment of his characters while drawing out their dwelling in some suburban part of Connecticut…
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The Main Theme of the Novel Under the Title Revolutionary Road
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"The Main Theme of the Novel Under the Title Revolutionary Road"

Download file to see previous pages Though both the major characters of the novel i.e. April and Frank Wheeler are under an illusion that they are outstanding individuals and have been blessed with some unusual talent that makes them superior to all other people living in their neighbourhood, yet the husband is a bit more crazy in this regards. The thoughts and views developed in Frank’s mind of being an exceptional person are actually the outcomes of his family background. He remembers his childhood when he was given extreme care and affection by his old parents, who begot their son, i.e. Frank, at the latter part of their life. (Chapter 2) Frank also lost his parents at an early age and had to struggle a lot to start his career as well as to establish his family life. Being the beloved child of his parents, he was adored by the two. He was accustomed to the spoon feeding due to the sheer love showered by the parents upon him. It is, therefore, he could not come out of those feelings even in his mature years. Hence, his past life seems to be left an indelible impact on his thinking, and he looks ambitious to become a professional writer in life. It is, therefore, Frank along with his wife is estimating his abilities, skills and apparent beauty through newspapers and other media resources during the entire novel. Frank Wheeler is doing his job against the position of somewhat middle order management at the Knox at the local city, where his father rendered services at a lower level many years ago. He maintains a very negative opinion about his job and is determined to do something extraordinary in life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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