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Plague, Sickness, or/and Disease in Oedipus - Book Report/Review Example

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This report discusses the play Oedipus is the one which describes various events such as violent murder, incest, torture, family conflicts, jealousy, the presence of oracles, fearful plagues and a dreadful realization of a cursed mother…
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Plague, Sickness, or/and Disease in Oedipus
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Extract of sample "Plague, Sickness, or/and Disease in Oedipus"

Download file to see previous pages It is the same feature that one identifies with Sophocles, ‘Oedipus,’ in which the first part of the play narrates "fiery plague ravaging the city." Reading through the play, one can make out the different characters mentioning of plague and the other fatal diseases that have affected Thebes, because of the ‘bad blood.’ From the first part of the play itself, a reader can understand the decisive role of diseases in the play. Regarding the presentation of plague, sickness, or/and disease, one can infer that they bear implied meanings other than the literal, appealing the readers and the same exert a vital role whole through the story. Plague is symbolical in the play and it appears off and on through the narrations of almost all the characters. There are many ways in which one or more characters in ‘Oedipus’ talk (and ask a reader to think) about the plague, sickness, or/and disease.
The audience is brought to the fierce state of Thebes—on the verge of destruction, with, “…parched crops, / Dear children, barrenness-/All they suffer them now, and more” (ch.1). The present state of Thebes causes nervous to Oedipus as the king, and he has a keen desire to explore the real reasons behind the plague affected his country. Oedipus seeks an answer to Creon, the prophet, and Creon replies, “Banishment, or the shedding of blood for blood. / The stain of blood makes shipwreck of our state.” (P.9). It is this sincere attempt of Oedipus that makes him assigning Tiresias, the blind prophet to investigate the murder of Laios, which later results for all calamities. Oedipus warns those who are not willing to disclose the secret of Laios’ death and he accuses them that they caused the plague.
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