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The Best Poems of the Great Authors - Literature review Example

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The paper 'The Best Poems of the Great Authors' presents Seniors written by Alberto Rios reveals a number of memories from childhood to adulthood. The theme of the poem is universal love as the speaker is interested to love all humankind with some allowable manner…
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The Best Poems of the Great Authors
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Extract of sample "The Best Poems of the Great Authors"

Titanic by David R. Slavitt is an emotional poem that takes the reader back to the historical tragedy of Titanic, the ship, which drowned because of striking against an ice glacier. The poem takes the theme of celebrated death in consideration. According to Slavitt, death at Titanic was a celebrated death as people died with some companions as they were “with crowds of people, friends, servants, well-fed, with music, with light”. The poet emphasizes that usually people die alone as he says, “We all go down, mostly alone” but in Titanic, people were with many others. The metaphor of cold water as anesthetic is used in order to reveal the numbness of both for the people. Death was easier to come because of the numbness of cold water. The phrase, “We all go” that is used multiple times in the poem is again revealing about the inevitability of death.
On my father’s loss of hearing written by Joanne Diaz informs about the blessings that deaf people have in an ironic tone. The theme of the poem is deafness and loss. the speaker informs about his father who has lost his hearing power. The speaker counts the blessings that his father has because of being deaf. He is unable to hear annoying sounds such as sounds of “phone calls”, “crack of thawing ice” and “scrape of his dull rake”. He is blessed because he has to bear “no noisome cruelty, no baffled rage, no aging children sullen in their lack”. He is free from all these sufferings. He is not disabled but “abled differently”. Read More
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