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The Golden Ass by Apuleius - Book Report/Review Example

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The essay “The Golden Ass by Apuleius” discusses one of the famous fantasies in the world. Apuleius called this work Asinus Aureus which denotes “a quality of excellence and admirability”. The story blends adventure and religion. It is also a more romantic comedy…
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The Golden Ass by Apuleius
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Extract of sample "The Golden Ass by Apuleius"

Apuleius felt amazed but so strange with what his friend told her. He admitted that he got scared of what he discovered of what this woman can do. Since it was late at night already, he requested Socrates that they'd better sleep so they can wake up early in the morning and start leaving that place.
As he continues his travel, he met once again Byrrhena, her cousin. Byrrhena told him that she has never changed. That she was still his cousin whom he met before. She invited Apuleius to her house. He was amazed by the house style and decorations. There are lots of Goddesses curved in stone. Byrrhena entertained him perfectly. He was so thankful for the kindness and the care offered by her beloved cousin.
In the ninth chapter of the story, Apuleius fell in love with Fotis. When he saw his loving dear Fotis, she was in a white and clean apron. She was mincing and preparing meat in a pot. While she was stirring the pot with her white, attractive hands, he noticed that her hips suddenly moved and shook which added his attraction with her. He cannot avoid telling Fotis how beautiful and attractive she was. Fotis took those words as compliments which made Apuleius glad. He even mentioned that she had an excellent beauty like Goddess Venus had. He was also amazed by her fair color, perfect face and glittering hair. He compared Fotis to lots of wonderful and amazing things like her breath smells like cinnamon, the liquor on her tongue was like sweet nectar, her hair color blended of gold and honey, and all those sweet things a man can ever compare his woman.
Apuleius was the kind of man who easily deals with other people. Since he was a journey lover, he really must be. On his journey to different places, he met several persons that have been part of his life. These women mentioned above were just three of them. He appreciated their goodness to him. He even appreciated the qualities of these women. Though Meroe was a witch, he still appreciated her of being this kind of human creature. He never mentioned something against her. Also, it is so important in his life that he felt in love with a special someone. The Venus of his life! Fotis!
Until this time, I would really love to read fantasies. It somehow influences my way of thinking. It also gives excitement and joy to the reader. You can get ideas beyond the fact that it makes you feel like dreaming. Lastly, you would absolutely get new knowledge and even good moral lessons like appreciating things around you. Read More
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(The Golden Ass by Apuleius Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Golden Ass by Apuleius Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“The Golden Ass by Apuleius Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”.
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