God Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent by Gustavo Gutierrez - Literature review Example

The paper "God-Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent by Gustavo Gutierrez" states that Gutierrez was also limited in his discussion with the relation between his analysis of the story of Job and the poor in Latin America. Is the suffering in Latin America the result of a wager alone…
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God Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent by Gustavo Gutierrez
Download file to see previous pages The ills of our society today should not be seen as the work of a complacent and ambivalent omnipotent being but the result of the unbelieving masses that are complacent and ambivalent themselves. The author can thus be seen as relating theology and real life and inspires others to join the cause.
One could argue that so many theologians and religious individuals write about matters which they think they have the authority to speak of but are actually hermits or persons that only move within the boundaries of the religion's large estate. Gutierrez draws credibility to his work by being able to experience the suffering of people in Latin America. The author finds and establishes that there are many lessons to be learned in "the starvation of millions, the humiliation of races regarded as inferior, discrimination against women, the sufferings of people who are struggling for their right to live, terrorism of every kind, and the corpse-filled graves of Ayacucho" (p. 102) and that is to realize for ourselves that we are the one responsible and able to address the situation. The justice in God's seeming ambivalence is the opportunity it presents for people to appreciate His work and to be able to take part in the salvation of mankind. Gutierrez's work can be seen as an "essay in theological reflection" (p. xvi) as he himself claims but one would find it also as a synthesis between theory and real-life situations.
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A job is an attempt to make people realize the reasons why suffering exists in all nations encompassing all walks of life. It is also an attempt to refute the claim of others that God is not a God of Love much less a God at all. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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