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Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code - Book Report/Review Example

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The Da Vinci Code is as wildly popular as controversial with posing uncomfortable and taboo questions about the validity of Christianity.Although the book is classified as fiction, it this does not stop the audience from asking: Is this true
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Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code

Download file to see previous pages... The Da Vinci Code is as wildly popular as controversial with posing uncomfortable and taboo questions about the validity of Christianity.Although the book is classified as fiction, it this does not stop the audience from asking: Is this true.The plot of the novel includes a conspiracy initiated by the Roman Catholic Church, in the attempt to hide and cover up in numerous ways the "true" story behind the identity of Jesus Christ. There are reference of the importance of Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the role of the "Holy Grail" and the masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci. The appearance of the book stirred countless articles in response to the content that Church's conspiracy was made for the sake of preserving its power. The story revolves around the post-Constantinian church and its efforts to guard what the Gospel's proclamations. The conspiracy narrative goes that the Church subverted the truth in its perennial attempts to exercise coercive power. We can see this dominant religious concept in Dan Brown's character Sir Leigh Teabing who declares: "It was all about power. Christ as Messiah was critical to the functioning of Church and state (Brown 316)."The book generated outrageous reactions among Christian theologians. The inaccurate portrayal of the Bible and its Christian values and teachings made Dan Brown's book a heresy. The book stimulated unprecedented interests because it openly addresses questions about what Christians really believe in. It raises doubts about the story of Jesus, the religious authority and possible conspiracy by the Church. If we take a more general perspective on history, we will see that throughout the millennia historic records were plentiful on belligerent religious events. For example the Crusades which were organized as mission to spread the Christian values actually were violent subjugation of the foreign cultures. We all have heard about the Spanish Inquisition and its inhumane methods - burning suspected witches at stake provoked the Christian faith all the more. This scattered historical evidence indicates that the story might contain a kernel of truth.

Among the more significant concerns is that tourist and people intrigued by the conspiracy story visit the places described in the book in France and Great Britain and try to see for themselves where the truth stands. They question themselves if the story is persuasive enough and accumulate social opinion which triggers the conspiracy enigma of the Christian religion. Besides the conspiracy, the book handles other questions of power - the power of woman and the power of the divine. The obvious subjugation of women clearly speaks of the omnipotent power of Christian religion. The Church fights to preserve its divine power and its omnipresent gift to liberate human souls from the evil.

In Dan Brown's book Mary Magdalene had a royal bloodline, was married to Jesus and might have his children. Brown (2004) suggests that Roman Catholic Church conspired the true story behind Jesus, because it did not include the so called Gnostic Gospels. Welborn (2004) delineates that Gnosticism was a dualistic and exoteric mode of thinking and that was the reason why it was rejected by Christianity. Gnosticism claimed two gods, which was inconsistent with the Gospels handed by the apostles. Welborn (2004) points out that the canonical Gospels date from the middle of the first century A.D whereas the Gnostic ones can not be present earlier than the middle of the second century.

In Brown's novel Leabing suggests that "Jesus Christ was a historical figure of staggering influence" (Brown 315)until the Council of Nicaea was summoned. "Jesus was viewed by His followers as a mortal prophet a great and powerful man, but a man nonetheless. A mortal (Brown 315)". It is claimed in the book that Emperor Constantine desired unification between the followers of Alexandrian bishop and those of the presbyter. A powerful unifying imperial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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