To Be or not to Be Does not Mean to Live or Not to Live - Book Report/Review Example

The paper “To Be or not to Be Does not Mean to Live or Not to Live” discusses Hamlet’s dilemma from an unconventional perspective - he’s not crazy, his suicidal thoughts are the result of his sentimental nature and stress caused by his father's sudden death and the unexpected marriage of his mother…
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To Be or not to Be Does not Mean to Live or Not to Live

Extract of sample To Be or not to Be Does not Mean to Live or Not to Live

Download file to see previous pages If we talk about Hamlet, we can’t but mention that suicide represents a continuous theme in the tragedy. During the play Hamlet considers suicide many times, his thinking about life and its essence, about the troubles of real life and the fascination of unconsciousness is famous all over the world as remains unique. The given paper will discuss two famous soliloquies of Hamlet, in which he is talking about death and prove that Hamlet does not really want and was going to die.
Hamlet is naïve and passionate, not suicidal. Evidence: Soliloquy in Act I. 
When we get acquainted with Hamlet, his first soliloquy in Act I reveals his nature. We see a passionate and vulnerable guy who is extremely astounded by his father’s death. He is almost a child and can’t help crying and wishing to die to be with his beloved father. It is very difficult to lose parents, especially when you are still young. Moreover, Hamlet has one more reason to be so upset: his beloved mother does not share his sorrow. Instead, she is celebrating her wedding with Hamlet’s uncle Claudius. A young person, who still considers love to be a sacred thing is shocked with such indifference. The pain is stronger because he knows what love is himself – and we remember about Hamlet’s feeling to Ophelia. Hamlet knows what love is, thus he is extremely astounded by the events as he considered his father’s marriage to be happy. The young guy is so upset that he says: “O, that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew” (1.2.133-134). Here we meet a theme of suicide. Hamlet is thinking about death. But the question is if these thoughts could really lead to suicide. These thoughts are rather a result of feeling lonely after losing parents. The father is dead and the mother is married to another man, thus she does not share the son’s sorrow about the death of his father. These thoughts of suicide are not true, they are the results of the young guy’s despair. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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