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William Shakespeare is believed to have written the play between 1603 and 1607 with its earliest performance accounted for in 1611 at the Globe Theatre (Barnes & Coleman 3). The play was written during King James I’s reign after he rose to the English throne after his stint as King James VI in Scotland. …
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William Shakespeares Macbeth. Macbeth Character
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Macbeth Character Research Paper William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is his darkest tragedy set in Scotland and dramatizesthe political and psychological effects, which Lord Macbeth portends when he selects evil means in realizing power. To become king, Lord Macbeth commits regicide and undertakes a murderous terror in order to retain power, which eventually leads his country to civil war. However, he lost everything eventually. William Shakespeare is believed to have written the play between 1603 and 1607 with its earliest performance accounted for in 1611 at the Globe Theatre (Barnes & Coleman 3). The play was written during King James I’s reign after he rose to the English throne after his stint as King James VI in Scotland. He was the patron in Shakespeare’s acting company. This play particularly is reflective of Shakespeare’s relationship with King James I. This paper seeks to analyze Macbeth’s character. The commencement of the play depicts Macbeth, as an honorable and brave soldier with his nobility and rank being of value. However, after an encounter with witches, he a deep and impatient ambition is awakened in him. The first prophecy that entails him becoming Thane of Cawdor comes to pass, and he begins to have images of murdering King Duncan so as to rise to being king. However, his terror at the images shows that he is solely ambitious and cold as it defies the loyalty in him. He also has some love in his heart as shown by the letter he writes to Lady Macbeth calling her his dearest partner of greatness (Barnes & Coleman 19). He is already having thoughts on being king, although he is not decided on whether he had better succumb to the witches’ temptations or wait to be crowned by faith. Banquo also warns him that evil forces at times “tell us truths…to betray in deepest consequence (Barnes & Coleman 35). While Macbeth does not say it aloud, he does seem to care about religion and morality. He lists reasons why he cannot kill Duncan, including that he is his host, his subject, and his kinsman. Lady Macbeth is aware of her husband and feels that Macbeth is too kind. She accuses him of cowardice as both a husband and soldier and this makes Macbeth kill Duncan. However, even after his bravery self-image and ambition triumphs over his virtues, he feels remorseful and masks the fear of discovery with anger against the drunken guards whom he supposes to be the murderers. On being king, Macbeth is still remorseful and suffers insomnia. Macbeth also fears that Banquo may suspect him since he knows the witches’ prophecy. He is also bothered by the witches’ promise to Banquo of a king lineage while he was only promised to be kin. He, therefore, takes on the fate by murdering Banquo, as well as his descendants. Banquo’s murder haunts him and the escape of Fleance, his son troubles him. It is clear that Macbeth has substituted his virtues and peace of mind for a crown that brings him trouble via allowing his senses to be overcome by his passionate and impatient desire for power (Bloom 37). Macbeth becomes insecure as time advances, and he visits the witches again to know his future where he is reassured that his reign will continue. The witches, using apparitions, tell Macbeth that it is only after the arrival of Wood of Birnan that he can be vanquished and that no one born by a woman can hurt him. However, both of these events seem impossible to Macbeth, and he is tormented by Banquo’s lineage. The magnitude of his evil and relentless morality shows via his orders to kill the entire family of Macduff after Macduff runs off to England (Bloom 38). Information on Malcolm’s arrival at Dunsinane with his troops makes him angry, but he relies on the witches’ promises and refuses to scare. He complains that even when he prevails he will lack obedience, love, and honor in old age. He also complains that, as king, he does not possess the same peace of mind he and his wife had enjoyed initially. His wife’s health is also a worry, and her suicide does not cause him much grief, instead unleashing a pessimistic and disenchanted life view (Moschovakis 61). Reflecting bitterly, he says that life as a tale is told by idiots and is full of fury and sound with not much significance. When he finds out that Birnan Wood has moved to Dunsinane and realizes the folly of the witches, he decides to die in battle with honor and dismisses thoughts of suicide after sensing loss in the battle. However, he is still hopeful of the second prophecy. The witches cheated and tempted Macbeth; his passions and ambitions cause him to alter his virtues and take up immorality and unrest. Towards the end, he becomes wary of life and is fully aware of how deceptive he has been. In the end, he suffers the consequences for all whom he has betrayed, but he still faces death like a brave soldier to the end. Works Cited Barnes, Shane. & Coleman, Aidan. Macbeth - William Shakespeare. Elsternwick : Insight Publications, 2009. Print. Bloom, Harold. William Shakespeare's Macbeth. New York : Bloom's Literary Criticism, 2010. Print. Moschovakis, Nicholas. MacBeth: New Critical Essays. London: Routledge, 2008. Print. Read More
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