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Critical analysis for death of a salesman - Research Paper Example

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Subject: English Literature (Classic and Modern), Research Paper Date: Topic: Critical analysis for "Death of a Salesman" Introduction: The work culture, loyalty and integrity for the organization and the related virtues are slowly and steadily disappearing from the American way of life, due to the pressures of the materialistic civilization…
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Critical analysis for death of a salesman
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Download file to see previous pages In “The Death of a Salesman,” the issue is how personal tragedy clubbed with cultural crises, proves destructive from all ends of the life of an individual. The question is which is more important and rewarding, financial success or love of friends and family members? Without self-realization, emotional growth and inner fulfillment, frustration is bound to engulf the life of an individual. This moralistic play holds the barometer of genuine success in life that can be achieved through knowledge with humility, love for community and human values, eyes full of understanding and hearts full of love to find reconciliation for the possible conflicts. The materialistic approach of the American society, craze for aggrandizement of wealth, done at the cost of personal truth and moral vision, has caused irreparable damage to the citadel of American Dream. “The Death of a Salesman,” is an example how an imperfect family model can be the cause of miseries for all members of the family and their friends and well-wishers. The Death of a Salesman: Arthur Miller in “The Death of a Salesman,” articulates the problems related to American national values, by analyzing the conflicts within one family. All of them repose blind faith about the realization of the American Dream, but are unable to gauge the hurdles in the achieving process and the possible pitfalls. Miller, through the characterization of Willy Loman, highlights the basic differences between the original American Dream as visualized by the founders of the nation and the impact of ground realities of America on the post-war economy. By designation Willy Loman is a salesman but he is not cutout for the glib talk of salesmanship or for self-promotion. He has taken up to this assignment and theoretically he has acquired the virtues of the salesmanship by professional training and by adjusting his temperament to sales and bargaining, but he has no conviction about this profession. He is there due to the compulsion of circumstances. He is thus a failure in the professional life, unable to achieve the targets. His interactions do not create the magical effects, the hallmarks of a successful salesperson, and in view of this, at the end of the day, he feels physically tired and mentally exhausted. This reaction reveals his internal weakness. He tells his wife Linda, “I suddenly couldn’t drive any more. The car kept going off onto the shoulder, ‘know?”(p.13) “I’am tellin’ya, I absolutely forgot I was driving.”(p.14) But he has to exhibit his faith outwardly for his stunted vision of American Dream, for public consumption, to be in the mad race, the final outcome of which he does not know. That day he returns home and tells his wife, “I’m tired to the death. The flute has faded away. (He sits on the bed beside her, a little numb.) I couldn’t make it. I just couldn’t make it, Linda.” (13)He thinks about the disparity between the Dream and his own life. He is in conflict but does not know the solution. He faces challenge with his two worlds, one of reality and his present position of getting trapped into the world of disillusion. The world around him is totally materialistic and has lost human values, and the success of an individual is measured by one’s financial status. Willy Loman’s dream to amass wealth has ended in failure. His craze for achieving success in life goes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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