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Jane Eyre book, by Charlotte Bronte, is a first person narrative of the title character with the themes of morality, religion, feminism, and forgiveness. The novel goes through five stages of the life of Jane Eyre. The first part details Jane’s childhood in her uncle Reeds family who adopts her after the death of her parents…
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Jane Eyre: Theme Essay
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"Jane Eyre: Theme Essay"

Download file to see previous pages The story carries a strong theme of morality. Through the values, she embraced of Christianity from Helen at Lowood Jane’s amazes the audience by how she has sustained her principled position. Although she loved Mr Rochester, Jane did not let her selfish desires to move her to accept becoming his mistress. Besides, she did not want to be an outcast to the society. Jane has opportunities for revenge of the terrible things done to her by her cousins, but she does not avenge. She chooses to forgive them and share the wealth left behind by her uncle equally with them. Religion is another topic that comes out so well in the book. Severally, Jane works with missionary schools. It is while in here that she rubs shoulders with Christians, adopting a new way of life of forgiveness. Even after the death of Helen, Jane still prays to God to help her in her troubles. By featuring Mr Brocklehurst, Bronte brings out persons who pervert faith to achieve their own ends. Additionally, the theme of feminism comes out well in this book. Bronte depicts this through Jane’s autonomy to make decisions for herself. Throughout her life, Jane encounters men of different characters and moral standing. Apparently, all of them attempt to establish some sort of control over her by manipulating situations or via gifts. However, Jane believes in a woman’s independence and therefore, strives to keep this stand, beholden to none. An independent woman can play as a tool of good change to the society through good morals, forgiveness, and passion for the right things. Assignment B Moral Life of Jane In this book, “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, Jane’s life is full of travels made in pursuit of a better home through true happiness. As Jane lives her life, we share her sentiments, her feelings, and her thoughts. She is an independent woman who will not let other dictate the quality of life she will live or be subject to their authority. She opts to survive and set aside her own happiness to fit in the society. This paper discusses the topic of morality in the novel Jane Eyre. Jane carries this theme through he forgiving, loving, and unselfish and independent role. Jane attempts to lead a righteous life in every place and environment she finds herself. She forgives people severally in her live. In her childhood, Jane receives all kinds of maltreatment in the hands of her uncle’s wife who she lives with and her cousins. They treat her like a servant or a lousy person who receives severe punishments as and when she tries to stand for her rights. She endures all this discreetly. The forgiving nature of Jane grows as she grows. On joining Lowood School, Jane meets Helen Burns who teaches her unfailing Christian values and not to avenge. She endures immense shame from the head coach who claims that she had done something she had not but her name was later cleared (Bronte 65-67). After she flees Mr Rochester’s house, Jane came back to one her cousin’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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