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The Road and The American Experience Name Institution Based after the Second World War during the cold war period, On The Road is a novel that focuses on the societal challenges that the young generation of this period experienced. Subsequent to the Second World War America struggled so much with communism…
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The Road and The American Experience

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Download file to see previous pages The novel focuses on a stage in American History when society preferred conformity to mingling with outsiders. This novel is among many other books that criticize the American culture during this period. An eccentric attitude characterized the arts and the trendy culture of the 1950s as a way of rejecting communal norms. More over the Beat generation were fervent about drugs, carefree life, poetry, jazz music and other intolerable elements in the society. The Beat generation suffered both personal and external conflicts (Kerouac, 2010). The novel is a narration of Sal Paradise, a burgeoning novelist. It revolves around his friendship with the happy-go-lucky and gratis spirited character Dean Moriarty. The novel On The Road is chiefly autobiographical of Jack Kerouac’s personal events. Inspired by real events, the novel captures Sal Paradise’s journey across America to Mexico in a captivating and poetical way. The characters and experiences in the novel are a representation of real life events and real people. The narration commences in the winter of 1947 when the overzealous and rapturous Dean Moriarty joins Sal Paradise, with his other scholarly friends in New York. They embark on a wild and eccentric three year journey on and off through America (Kerouac, 2007). . Throughout all of this invariable movement, they come into touch with spectacular landscapes and features, people from all lifestyles and drama that contribute to the personal growth and development of the characters in the novel. Amid all these adventures and escapades, Sal Paradise and his friend Dean, differ profoundly on life matters. Dean, a notorious womanizer, ends up with three women and four children by the end of his three-year journey. At the being, of the novel Dean’s wild nature and love for life inspires and motivates Sal who at this stage is hopeless and depressed. As the novel progresses, it turns out that Dean and Sal have a lot in common (Kerouac, 2007). However, the two characters vary in terms of commitment. Sal is a deep thinking individual with an objective of finding a purpose in life then settling down. Dean on the other spectrum is an irrepressible individual who cares about nothing but himself. As the plot winds up, the author portrays the intensity of Sal’s internal conflict in the quest for elation of life and, on the other hand, as a character torn between fantasy land and the reality of living a responsible life (Kerouac, 2010). Sal embarks on the road to find meaning and purpose in life. He hopes that, by the end of his journey, he will find his niche and purpose in life. Then, sense of belonging is a key theme tackled in the novel. The young people of this generation experimented with drugs and unpopular form of art and music, in order to find answers to their undying questions. These activities went against the societal norms of the traditional American society. This period gave rise to a new culture of drugs alcohol and wild parties. Den Moriarty in the novel represents this young generation (Kerouac, 2010). Dean does not care much about responsibility. He is a constant womanizer who leaves a trail broken hearts wherever he goes. His villain character does not develop but remains constant throughout the novel. While, on the road, the two characters encountered foreign lands and different life styles. The narrator hopes to find some sought inspiration or ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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