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Macbeth By William Shakespeare - Book Report/Review Example

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Macbeth - Book Report Part I: One a. The speaker of this quote is Lady Macbeth. b. Lady Macbeth is speaking to Macbeth. c. The conversation between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth is taking place in Inverness, which is Macbeth’s castle, at the beginning of a meal…
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Macbeth By William Shakespeare
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"Macbeth By William Shakespeare"

Download file to see previous pages It would ruin all of the plans they had made if Macbeth decides to back out of the murder plot. e. Lady Macbeth is upset because she is doubtful of Macbeth’s love for her since he changes his mind about his desires so quickly. If he can change his mind so quickly about killing Duncan, than he can change his mind about his love for Lady Macbeth. In the beginning, Macbeth wanted nothing more than to kill Duncan. Now that he has changed his mind about that, Lady Macbeth is worried that Macbeth might also change the love for his wife. Macbeth’s indecisiveness bothers Lady Macbeth. Two a. The speaker of this quote is Macbeth. b. The event that Macbeth is at when he says this is his banquet. c. Macbeth had just raised a toast to the whole table and to Banquo, who the others believe to be dead, but Macbeth knows differently - Banquo is dead. Macbeth is merely putting on a show so that the others do not know of Banquo’s passing. Otherwise, if they found out that Macbeth knew something that they did not, then they would assume that Macbeth had a role in Banquo’s death. d. Macbeth believes that he sees Banquo’s ghost. Since he knows that Banquo is dead, Macbeth is startled by this apparition. e. Macbeth is unsettled by seeing Banquo’s ghost because he was previously told that he is dead. Even though Macbeth sees the ghost, to him it is no different than if Banquo were there in living form. If Banquo had the ability to make himself known to others, even while being dead, then he could easily tell people how he died. This would reveal Macbeth’s evil plot. Three a. The speaker of this quote is Macbeth. b. The news that Macbeth receives before he speaks these words is that the queen is dead. Lady Macbeth killed herself after being overcome with the emotions of Macbeth’s new murderous personality. c. The news that Macbeth is told after he speaks these words is that the trees in Birnam Wood are literally moving toward Dunsinane. Macbeth had been told a prophecy that said he could not die until Birnam Wood moved to Dunsinane, as it was doing now. Since the forest was moving closer to Dunsinane, then Macbeth’s death was also moving closer. d. The first image that Macbeth likens “Life” in this quote to is a poor actor in a play. In Macbeth’s imagery, life is nothing more than an actor who says his lines, goes through with his actions, and then disappears. Life consists of actions, words, and then nothingness. e. Macbeth seems to believe that life is nothing more than illusion in the sense that it is visible but void of all meaning. Four a. The speaker of this quote is Macduff. b. The nation that is referred to in this quote is Scotland, a land that Macduff is so passionately loyal to. c. The “untitled tyrant” that Macduff refers to is Malcolm. Malcolm is the son of Duncan, which makes him one of the biggest threats to Macbeth’s desired rule. Though Malcolm is part of the reigning family, he is legally capable of taking the throne just yet. Macduff claims that Malcolm is “untitled” because he is not legally entitled to taking the Scotland throne. d. The “truest issue of thy throne” that Macduff refers to is Duncan, who is the father of Malcolm and the current king of Scotland. Duncan is the truest heir to the throne because he is legally the King of Scotland. Because of Duncan’s position, Malcolm is also in line for the throne, but his time cannot come until his father dies. e. What Macduff heard that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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