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Beowulf, Old English Epic Report - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Class Information: Date: Part I 1. a. The enumeration of King Hrothgar in the poem leaves no doubt that he was not only rich but also good and influential. Noteworthy is the fact that the kingdom is said to have prospered during his reign which is manifested in great military success, something that informed the construction of a Mead-hall that was christened Heorot which was to act as a token to his men for their military success during his reign…
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Beowulf, Old English Epic Book Report
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Download file to see previous pages This therefore depicts Hrothgar as a Christian king lording over a God-fearing kingdom. 2. a. According to the poem, Grendel is an evil incarnate descended from the equally evil biblical Cain who killed his brother Abel. Like his descendants, Grendel is murderous and loathsome to the God and all his manifestation on earth, a hatred that might be informed by God’s condemnation to his existence. This is best evidenced by his decision to kill King Hrothgar’s soldiers one night for the simple reason that they are indulging in bards’ song that praises God for his creation. 2. b. By virtue of being a descendant of Cain who was condemned into a life of loneliness, Grendel shares in his fate which explain why is condemned to live in the swamp lowland with his mother with only occasional errands outside in the dead of the night (46-47). Noteworthy is the fact that the bible creates a similar life for Cain. 3. a. ...
3. c. Though they had to contend with strong waves as they closed the sea to Denmark they arrived safe and sound and within the expected time. (21, 29) 3. d. After arriving safely without incidences in Denmark, Beowulf feels indebted to the almighty God which explain why they thank God before proceeding to Hrothgar’s kingdom (38). 4 a. Beowulf, in an attempt to convince the king that he can overcome Grendel describes how he, in his youth, on one occasion bound five giants and killed all of their kin (58). He also tells of the time when he killed a water monster and a total of eight sea beasts which impresses the king who already has fond memories of Beowulf success in particularly his killing of Heatholaf who was a prominent member of the Wulfing community. 4.b. Beowulf before he faces Grendel has one thing that he want from the elderly king, this thing has nothing to do with some treasure but just some advice essentially because of the great awe and respect such words of wisdom from an old person of the King’s caliber carries. The king has no other option but to extend a word of advice to this warrior concluding his word of advice with a caution to be careful with Grendel because he is as well cruel as he has so far proved (12). 5. One thing about Beowulf visit is that it is not expected which explain why the watchman is taken aback by his arrival and his armored contingent. It is further reinforced by his caution in ushering them to go and see King Hrothgar especially due to the fact that as a watchman he is the king’s eye. This caution extends all the way to the King’s palace as we see the warriors being requested to identify where they are coming from (44). The king, an old man, welcomes the group looking them as God sent. (11 - 12) 6. a. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Beowulf, Old English Epic Book Report /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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