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Understanding the Pyschology behind the film Black Swan - Research Paper Example

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Understanding the Psychology Behind the Black Swan
While psychological thrillers have long been a part of cinematic production, Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Black Swan’ expands this genre through a variety of complex narrative and character devices…
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Understanding the Pyschology behind the film Black Swan
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Extract of sample "Understanding the Pyschology behind the film Black Swan"

Download file to see previous pages While the narrative experience, replete with dream imagery and fantastical montage elements, is a prominent part of the narrative, undoubtedly Aronofsky’s psychological explorations constitute the backbone of the film’s artistry. Although myriad arrays of psychological theories are applicable to Nina’s experience, perhaps the most pervasive are Jungian approaches to psychoanalysis. Implementing Jungian approaches to psychology as an analytical lens, this essay examines the psychology behind the film ‘Black Swan’. Analysis In examining the ‘Black Swan’ through the Jungian psychoanalytic lens, the most pervasive theoretical notion is that of the ‘shadow’. Jung was highly interested in the personality in terms of development. Like Freud, Jung believed that human development is oftentimes subjected to repressive forces wherein a individual denies aspects of himself or herself, which later emerge in latent forms. For Jung the notion of the shadow was the embodiment of this repression. Jung argued that the shadow occurred because of denied aspects of the self and that “the shadow itself was the result of a narrow identification with the persona—the social mask, at the expense of the unattended aspects of the self“ (Bennett, p. 117). When this psychological theory of development is considered in terms of Nina Sayers in the ‘Black Swan’ it’s clear that this notion is implemented as the film’s pervading psychological infrastructure. ...
She rushes to the auditorium and encounters Lilly who has already dressed to play Nina’s part in the ballet that night. While Lilly is ostensibly Nina’s understudy and a regularly functioning part of the narrative, in this scene she also comes to represent Nina’s repressed id identity – her shadow. As the scene progresses it function on two levels: the literal narrative and the unconscious psychological level. While Nina is outwardly preparing for her performance where she will become the black swan, she is also undergoing a psychological transformation. Throughout the film she has fought this impulse through repression, yet in this concluding sequence she works to encounter her complete self. Tomas notes, “The only person stopping you is yourself”. While he is referring to Nina’s performance, he could just as easily be referring to her repressed identity – her shadow. A number of theorists have examined this notion of the black swan as the shadow in this final scene. Perhaps the most convincing perspectives notes: it comes to the point that Nina dramatically fights with herself and is flooded by her own Shadow. When she stabbed herself – represented by Lilly – and said “It’s my turn”, that means it is the Shadow's turn. When she surrendered to her own Shadow, the Black Swan, she also has to accept the death of her one-sided Persona, the White Swan. There was no hope for her old meaning of “perfection” anymore, but there is a chance to be psychically transformed in the process of Individuation (‘Venus’). Here the complex and ambiguous nature of Nina stabbing Lilly is unraveled. During a part of the final sequence, Nina is dropped on-stage. As she ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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