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Madness in Shakespeare's Hamlet, MacBeth and King Lear - Term Paper Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Some of Shakespeare’s works have portrayed his unique writing styles that lace various issues together in the quest to bring out certain social issues to the eyes of his audience. The issue of Madness in society has been highlighted well in both Hamlet and King Lear as expounded in the body text of this paper…
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Madness in Shakespeares Hamlet, MacBeth and King Lear
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Extract of sample "Madness in Shakespeare's Hamlet, MacBeth and King Lear"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, his uncle taking over the throne contributes to his mental situation/insanity, and cannot comprehend what path his life is taking. Shakespeare employs literary styles like imagery and metaphors, to expound Hamlet's madness. In a scenario where Hamlet encounters a ghost, the line "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder," is conversed. Hamlet's uncle murdering his (Hamlet’s) father leaves a bad mark and experience on him. He is utterly confused with the whole event. Though Hamlet’s instincts tell of something bad in Denmark, he questions whether there exists truth in the ghost’s revelations to him. Hamlet brushes off the necessary remedies in an attempt to rethink about his personal problems. For instance, Hamlet holds a dagger to the head of Claudius intending to kill, but hesitates afterwards. In replacing the intended murder, Hamlet ends up creating a play where the ghost’s conversation with Hamlet is replayed with Claudius watching, in a show meant to prove that he, Claudius, murdered King Hamlet. Performance of the play makes Hamlet realize/prove Claudius’ guilt but ends up not doing anything about it. ...
He says, “This time is out of joint, O cursed spite, that I was ever born to set it right." Thereafter, we see him stating that he wishes not to see Claudius being sent to heaven; yet we do not see him planning thereafter to end the Claudius’ life. The play also portrays Hamlet as being deeply affected by the abrupt remarriage of his mother Gertrude, and this happens for two crucial reasons. The first crucial reason is that Hamlet is deeply and affectionately attracted to his mother, an attraction that is far beyond the normal love a young man has for his mother. The second crucial reason is that Gertrude, his mother, did not take some time before remarriage to mourn/grieve her husband’s death. The play expounds that King Hamlet had died 3 months before his widow Gertrude remarried. Based on this reason, Hamlet firmly believes that his mother’s relationship to Claudius had initially blossomed long before King Hamlet passed on, a marriage regarded as unlawful and therefore a sin. Hamlets knowledge of the sin his mother had indulged in deepened his levels of insanity to higher levels. Hamlet also takes issue with incest between Gertrude, his mother, and his uncle Claudius. In act 1, scene 2, we see a very disturbed person in Prince Hamlet. This has to do with Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius. Hamlet displeasure with his mother’s marriage emanates from the thought of his father, King Hamlet, treating Gertrude with maximum respect, whereas her new husband, Claudius, is disrespecting her by subjecting her to doing various chores for him. It is not elaborate how respectful King Hamlet treated Gertrude: nevertheless, when Hamlet first ‘spoke’ to the ghost, it demanded to leave Gertrude out of the conversation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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