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Stephen King's Carrie - Research Paper Example

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Stephen King is an author of extraordinary talent and has published a large number of novels, many of which have been made into movies. He has played a role in many of the movies of his novels, and has also had significant input in directing many of them…
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Stephen Kings Carrie
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Download file to see previous pages The first novel he published was Carrie in 1973 . The number of works that Stephen King has published to date is large, and although announcing that he planned to retire in 2002, continues to publish . Indeed, he considers himself addicted to writing, needing it in the same way that an addict may need beer or cocaine . He is generally attributed to the horror genera, although his more recent published works focus also on the extremes of human emotions and imagination A list of some of his works is given below, but this includes only a small sample of the number of novels and short stories that Stephen King has written , now having more than 40 published books . Carrie, 1974 Salem’s Lot, 1975 The Dead Zone, 1979 The Firestarter, 1980 The Dark Tower Series, 1982 onwards Four Past Midnight, 1990 Insomnia, 1994 The Green Mile, 1997 Dreamcatcher, 2001 Lisey’s Story, 2006 11/22/63: A Novel, 2011 Summary Set in 1979 in the New England town of Chamberlain, Carrie is the story of a shy teenage girl named Carrie White. All of her life she has been mistreated both by her mother, who was Christian fundamentalist, and by her school mates who bullied her since the first grade. As the novel progresses Carrie discovers her telekinetic powers, and attempts to keep them hidden and under control. However, she is pushed to the limit emotionally on prom night and retaliates by using her powers to kill those at the prom, only a few manage to escape. She then returns home to exact revenge upon her mother. Author Analysis In Carrie Stephen King makes use of documents within the text, including newspaper articles, letters, book exerts and magazine articles to tell much of the story. The remainder is told from a third-person perspective, and introduces characters and events before describing them, so that the reader learns about the situation by observing it rather than having it explained to them. Conflict is the major driver of the plot for this novel. Internally, Carrie is attempting to learn and to control a growing power in her, but she is being pushed emotionally and physically by those around her. The conflict eventually leads her to lash out in anger and a desperate desire for revenge. The themes of supernatural and horror are common throughout Stephen King’s works, and in many ways they define him as an author. Many of his novels look at the way humans behave and respond under extraordinary circumstances or when given powers that are beyond that of an everyday human. Mock Work Published in the Harbinger Journal, May 17, 1989. A young couple were found dead in a clearing of the forest a short way off McKenzie Road late yesterday afternoon. The circumstances surrounding the deaths are entirely unprecedented, and the local police are doing everything in their power to determine the events that led up to it. Anyone with any information on the whereabouts, or activities of Mr. Marc Spence or Ms. Tanya Addams in the last week please contact Constable John Edwards immediately. It had been hours since anyone had seen her. Tanya had vanished like a phantom, a flick of the ever present red braid and she was gone, leaving Mrs. Andrews, a stocky and overly motherly Science teacher, and a good deal of the class searching the rocks and trees for her for hours. Mrs. Janine Andrews wrung her hands nervously, sweat beading on her forehead and the small of her back and tried not to think of the consequences of losing a student on a nature ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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