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Steinbecks of Mice and Men: The Theme of Love - Research Paper Example

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Of Mice and Men,is a story of love,explored through the relationships of men and the way in which they bond over hopes and dreams.The primary relationship in the story is between George and Lennie,a relationship that is based upon many aspects of their interactions,but also through strength of the bond of a common dream…
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Steinbecks of Mice and Men: The Theme of Love
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Extract of sample "Steinbecks of Mice and Men: The Theme of Love"

Download file to see previous pages Of Mice and Men, is a story of love, explored through the relationships of men and the way in which they bond over hopes and dreams.The primary relationship in the story is between George and Lennie, a relationship that is based upon many aspects of their interactions, but also through strength of the bond of a common dream.Together they have forged goals for the future that they believe will provide them with happiness. This relationship is reflected through the relationship that Candy has with his dog, and much of what will happen to Lennie is foreshadowed through the events that surround dog. Where the love between the two men and between the man and his dog are rich tapestries of emotional bonding, the relationship between Curley and his wife is in contrast to the other relationships within the work of fiction. John Steinbeck’s discuses the nature of love as it is explored through the relationships of George and Lennie, Candy and his dog, and Curley and his wife and as it is defined by its association with death and aggression. According to the introduction of the 1994 Penguin edition of Of Mice and Men by Susan Shillinglaw, “John Steinbeck celebrated friendship in his life and in his fiction” (Steinbeck, 1994, vii). The way in which he termed friendship was through the love that two people who connected could share through mutual care and respect. In his 1938 journal he wrote “Try to understand men, if you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and nearly always leads to love” (Steinbeck, 1994, vii). ...
The primary relationship in Of Mice and Men occurs between George and Lennie. The relationship is built upon their genuine affection for one another and is explored through the goals that they share in hoping they can put together enough money to buy a farm. Lennie is mentally challenged, meaning that he does not always comprehend the full context of the meanings in his world. George is fond of Lennie and does his best to protect him from the situations that his large size and mental challenges create for him. The love that is shared by George and Lennie is a pure love, a love that is developed without the complications of romance and through the dependency they have formed upon each other during their travels. The love itself is uncomplicated and can be seen for having developed through a natural appreciation for the characteristics that have positively affected one another. Most importantly, George understands Lennie and the nature of his existence, thus he has the capacity to protect him, no matter what form that protection must take. The relationship of Candy and his dog reflects the relationship of George and Lennie. Lennie is as innocent as the dog, both depending on the affirmations of their best friends in order to feel content. Just as Lennie is upbeat and innocent, so too is Candy’s dog, a beast of good meaning that reflects honest and openness in regard to the friend with whom he has shared his life. Steinbeck foreshadows Lennie’s fate through the dog, discussing the complicated emotions that will be tied to his death through the same ’merciful’ ending that the dog experiences. Just as the dog is killed to avoid the worse consequences he will suffer should he not have his life taken, so too ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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