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The Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale - Research Paper Example

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The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale Geoffrey Chaucer Introduction Canterbury Tales: Wife Bath’s Prologue and tale is written somewhere in1390 and commonly considered to be one of his works during his creative years. It looks like impossible to recognize if the writer has decided to pattern the Wife’s thought and feelings toward marriage and sex in the way as it was mentioned in the General Prologue…
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The Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale
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Download file to see previous pages Prologue to the Wife of Bath's Tale The Wife of Bath has a powerful presence in the Canterbury Tales. There are no works in the medieval period like the Wife of Bath that makes it exceptional. Some scholars have even compared it to confessions and sermons but never this was proved. The writer chose a text that has a powerfully individualized vivid monologue during the time things like this are not existing yet. The choice of tone is very unusual basing on the standard narration tone and voice of the Tales and Prologue wherein there is a clear demand to speak louder. The pattern of Ideas embraced that of the Shakespearean soliloquy. Style in the speaking in the Prologue is not conversational and there is a deep concern with regard to individual voice in expressing personal thoughts. It is said that La Vielle (the old woman) in the Le Roman de la Rose (12932-43) is the first inspiration of Chaucer in his writing of Wife of Bath’s tale. Common ideas in these two works are similar like the elderly whore who reminisce her younger days of scandalous sexual fun and adventures and this has a resemblance with the Wife of Bath’s Tale (46873). ...
The biggest question there could ever be in the mind of the reader regarding the Wife of Bath’s tale is up to what extent women will experience rejection and how far could she tolerate anti-feminist attitudes. Antifeminism is the given generic name for those people who have the attitude of being antagonistic to women. It is an effect of Patriarchism wherein men are given the privilege to hold positions in the society. Even the Christian church has a deep concern when it comes to sexuality and even within a marriage. Some of the issues that bound to set the standard Christian way of living are celibacy, Virginity, and chastity. Monasticism requires these values up to the present. Deacons and priest, after the Lateran Council of 1215, were strictly not allowed to get married and encourage priestly chastity because of the connotation about women. Confession is considered as an annual obligation and as being instituted by a priest, the big tendency of the desire in human lives sexually is manifested. There is also a belief that started in ancient Indo-European that social order is only secured if men are in a position of holding all the powers in every aspect of society. In effect of this, the connotation of women being a big threat came out not only to the chastity among males but also to their authority. Many texts are seen denouncing the dangers about women by the antifeminist group. The woman representing all the women under this connotation is Eve when she tempted Adam and made his downfalls through his sexual charm. The Text Antifeminist text is used as a reference in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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