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Information sources and services- Information guide and report - Assignment Example

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Information Sources and Services- Information Guide and Report PART 1: Develop an Information Scenario Being the chief custodians of culture as well as heritage, libraries as well as museums have found to be enjoying a distinctive function and accountability within the societies of the world…
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Information sources and services- Information guide and report
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Download file to see previous pages The modern times pose various challenges and also offer varied new opportunities for libraries as well as museums. It is a crucial moment for the management of libraries as well as museums to reflect ingeniously and strategically regarding the role and place of their institutions and to identify the opportunity for reorientation and reinvention (Salzburg Global Seminar, 2011). The various sub topics that the report is likely to address are mentioned below: Links between libraries and museums Impact evaluation of museum, archives and libraries Future of Libraries Problems and solutions for a neglected material in museum libraries Searching for library catalogue In the present times, there are huge bookstores that shower the readers with massive range of low-priced choices. Students and other groups of people can as well read the books online. The main reality is that shoppers in the present times can download audio books to their MP3 players and hence listen to them while they are jogging or driving to work. It has not been easier and cheaper for the consumers to read a book. If the public libraries and museums want to compete in this environment, it would be significant for the librarians to initiate welfare programs for middle class readers. Effectual utilisation of museums in lifelong learning is impacted by adequate mediation and positive participation or partnership with the professional teachers and youth workers among others. It has been recognised that there are 169 million library users in the United States who are over the age of 14 years. Furthermore, there are nearly 148 million people in the United States who tend to visit museum on a yearly basis. These users are generally over 18 years of age. Hence, in the context of this study, the people belonging to more than 14 years (library users) and more than 18 years (museum visitors) shall be considered as the target audience (Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2012). The main reason behind choosing the young adults is that they are in need of information search and hence libraries and museums can offer them with the adequate information. Libraries and museums have been serving greater number of people since long period of time by offering them with the right kind of information quite easily. Moreover, with the advent of online libraries and museums, it becomes quite easier for the users to avail the books and other related information. For the young children, story time can be offered with reading aloud, rhymes, and songs as well as craft projects. For older children as well as teens, a book talk, PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates easy to use online library resources available for teens, talks regarding teen programs taking place in the library can be beneficial (Newport Public Library, 2012). Language proficiency is one of the most required criteria, which needs to be considered when targeting the young and other age group people. English is considered to be one of the most used languages that can be easily read by the users. Semantic knowledge is required that demonstrates strong correlations between comprehension as well as size and level of passive-specific work knowledge or vocabulary (SEDL, 2012). In order to identify the needs of the libraries and museums in the United States, it is significant to prepare a questionnaire and hence ask the users of the library services numerous questions. The various questions that can be asked have been listed below. What is your ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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