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Marxist critique of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle Comparing the plight of the humans to the plight of the animals - Research Paper Example

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An ardent critic of the hitches of capitalism, and the powerful system to a safe prospect as socialism, the widely criticized book by a renowned journalist, Upton Sinclair, deals with the problems of the immigrants in America during 20th century. …
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Marxist critique of Upton Sinclairs The Jungle Comparing the plight of the humans to the plight of the animals
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Marxist critique of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle Comparing the plight of the humans to the plight of the animals

Download file to see previous pages... It made a jerk in the American society due the horrifying explanations, which come close to the reality, that exposes the corruption subsisted in the meatpacking industry along with the poverty and health conditions of the laborers in the industry. According to Harris the consummation of meat products went down drastically after the publication of the novel, that paved the way to the passage of 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. The debased living and working conditions led to despondency subsided by corruption and misuse of power. Sinclair’s intention was to delineate the defects of the prevailing system of American wage along with that of capitalism. The struggling of human kind in the then social and economic system is well drawn by the writer through the life some Lithuanian immigrants. They believed that who are able to work can make a living and hold his family well. The readers are forced to think that the purpose of Sinclair was to put into words the deception of the socialist or Marxist ideology.
Jurgis and his family come to America in the midst of Industrial revolution. The party conducted by Jurgis and Ona is an example of the equality that prevailed in the system of Lithuanians. It characterized by the Lithuanian culture and the mundane life of the immigrants. But the hidden side of the prevailing system is slowly revealed that they are left with some dollars debt after the party . Jurgis is so confident in his health and might that he finds a job in the Packing town. The place is known for its unhygienic conditions. It only helped to ruin their health. Wilson says “Sinclair presented his case not just in terms of exploitation but in metaphors of declension of corruption and infestation : the worker’s degradation seems , in fact, to stem from the poisonous world they inhabit “There seems to be no difference between the cattle’s and hogs slaughtered and the human being who pack their meat. In Sinclair’s words “Relentless, remorseless, it was; all his protests, his screams, were nothing to it – it did its cruel will with him, as if his wishes, his feelings had simply no existence at all; it cut his throat, and watched him gasp out his life”. It was really the plight of the workers that the novelist was elucidating. Leonard says “The Jungle deplores dishonesty and cruelty in the industrial plants that victimize his sympathetic characters ..but it does not challenge the legitimacy of industrial production as a foundation of modern world “ . Yes Packingtown was a jungle where there are animals and humans treated as animals. . Even the mild parts of human and animal are used equally without hesitation. Jurgis noticed pregnant cows classified as unfit for processing by the government were also brought to the slaughter house and easily made meat. The horrific scene that the fetus of these cows are taken and made into small pieces and kept along with others to process as meat. The work rooms at the meatpacking industry are another place where there is no discrepancy between the human and the flesh of the animals. The industrialists never took action to keep the rooms heated in the winter season. The workers frequently suffered frostbite and they exposed their frozen feet into the steam where the carcasses of the cattle are kept. The room was suffocating with thick steams and most for them caught several kinds of disease which they themselves are powerless to recognize. The thick blood of the animals on the floor also caused several difficulties like minor injuries due to slipping. It was mentioned about the payments that they were not paid for the “broken time “ie, the payment was for completing an hour’s work if they brake due to no further work they never get a penny for the whole work . Their residence, if it can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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