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Symbolism In A Farewell To Arms - Research Paper Example

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The farewell to arms is heartwarming war novel grounded on literary symbolism. The research centers on the symbolism of Frederic Henry. The research includes focusing on the symbolism of Catherine Barkley…
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Symbolism In A Farewell To Arms
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Extract of sample "Symbolism In A Farewell To Arms"

Download file to see previous pages Symbolism in A Farewell To Arms is very crystal clear. Symbolism is shown in the character of Frederic Henry. Symbolism is shown in the character of Nurse Catherine Barkley. Symbolism is shown in the war.
Symbolism of Frederic Henry.
First, the Frederic Henry character symbolizes a persons’ prioritizing the importance of love over all other mundane matters. Several time sin the novel, Frederic Henry does not show his feelings to the people around him (Rao 37). During times when he is in excruciating pain or force, the main character Frederic Henry acts like a statue, emotionless. He feels that he has to hide his inner feelings in order not to be criticized by other people in the community.
Second, the Frederic Henry character symbolizes the typical person who drinks (Hemingway 50). Any person who reads the novel can easily relate to the story. For, the average person has taken a glass or two of intoxicating liquor during the life. Some had started drinking while they were in their early teen years. Others have tasted a glass of drowsiness –precipitating hard drinks during their later teen years. Still, those who are late bloomers have been labeled
victims of the clutches during when they had reached the age of 20 and above, the early adult years. For the really late action persons, they had to indulge in drinking in order to be accepted by their friends, business associates, customers, and other acquaintances. Frederic Henry symbolizes the person on different levels of drinking. Some of the drinking individuals rarely drink intoxicating liquor. Other persons drink some glasses of liquor once a week. Other individuals drink liquor every day during certain times of their troubled lives. Still, other individuals drink liquor to entertain their associates. Third, the Frederic Henry character symbolizes a person who needs help. Different persons do different acts to remove their current problem or uncomfortable circumstance. Some individuals seek the help of the psychiatrist for their professional help. Other individuals seek the counsel of their relatives for a solution to their current predicament. Other individuals just don the feeling of giving up on their current unbearable situation stating “I don’t give care whatever happens to me.” Another group of individuals would take drugs to solve the unbearable pressures on their life. The news of people being too deep in the quagmire of the hallucinating world of drugs is depicted in the Frederic Henry character. Still others would just drink liquor to temporarily take them out of their current misery. A drank person would fall asleep. A sound sleeping person would not be thinking of the problems while the drunkard was awake. This is one of the reasons why drinking liquor is a favorite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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