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Dave Eggers Zeitoun As A Hero Myth - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The essay "Dave Eggers "Zeitoun As A Hero Myth" describes at times, when disasters occurred, people were introduced to social characters that were quite generous, enough to help them to overcome the stress. These characters have often been rewarded with the recognition of a hero in many instances…
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Dave Eggers Zeitoun As A Hero Myth
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Extract of sample "Dave Eggers Zeitoun As A Hero Myth"

Download file to see previous pages Is Zeitoun a Hero Story: from Joseph Campbell’s Perspective Phase I: Departure In his thesis concentrated on the acclamation of leading characters in mythologies as heroes, Joseph Campbell stated that every hero will have a certain indication of his departure. As stated by him, it is the “call of adventure” that leads to the departure of the character provided other constraints to the path are eradicated such as “the refusal of call” (Campbell, J., “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” pp. 43-57). Relating to the non-fiction story narrated by Dave Egger, Abdulrahman Zeitoun also witnessed a “call of adventure” that further led to his departure. As a generous and kind-hearted person, Abdulrahman Zeitoun sets off on the “call of adventure”, i.e. to help the surviving victims of Hurricane Katrina on a canoe. In this context, it is apparently observable that Abdulrahman Zeitoun did not “refuse the call” and thus moved ahead to enjoy the adventure (Eggers, D., “Zeitoun” pp. 102). Campbell further depicts that the next phase of departure of the character in mythologies on the journey to hero is again supported by a “supernatural aid”. As stated by him “for those who have not refused the call, the first encounter of the hero-journey is with a protective figure...” (Campbell, J., “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” pp. 60). However, in the narration of Dave Eggers, a description of such figure can be identified in the face of the missionary in the town of St. Gabriel (Eggers, D., “Zeitoun” pp. 265). In other words, there was a “supernatural aid” that helped Abdulrahman Zeitoun in continuing towards the “call of adventure”. However, he was assisted by his...
Abdulrahman Zeitoun too can be observed refusing to recall his memory from the dark event from being victimized by Hurricane Katrina and then by the guardsmen seemingly to be his “Refusal to Return”. Even his return back to his beloved ones can be related to the description of "The Magic Flight" as described by Campbell (Campbell, J., “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” pp. 182-187; Eggers, D., “Zeitoun” pp. 290-291). Similar to the mythological heroes, Abdulrahman Zeitoun was also “Rescued from without”. He had nearly lost all his hopes of freedom when Kathy and Adnan emerged as supernatural aids to him and his freedom. It was only when Abdulrahman Zeitoun was back to his family and friends in his home town, he could return from his mystical adventure to the earthly world of humans quite similar to the explanation provided by Joseph Campbell regarding “The Crossing of the Return Threshold” (Campbell, J., “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” pp. 201-209; Eggers, D., “Zeitoun” pp. 290-291). At that very moment, he was back to his own world, Abdulrahman Zeitoun could relate the two worlds, i.e. his prior and after Hurricane Katrina, without contaminating his experiences as a master in those worlds. As stated by Joseph Campbell, “…not contaminating the principles of the one with those of the other, yet permitting the mind to know the one by virtue of the other—is the talent of the master”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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