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Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires - Term Paper Example

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The paper focuses on arson and pyromania, two major fires related crimes, which require serious attention of the state to prevent their occurrence. The 2 fire-based crimes cause many damages to property. The government of every country should be alert of any case that deals with arson or pyromania…
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Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires
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Extract of sample "Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires"

Download file to see previous pages An arsonist involves himself in the act with a mindset of a criminal whose target is to satisfy his desire for vengeance. Therefore, arson is a criminal act of destroying property or building of another person with an aim of revenge. It is also termed as an act of burning property for improper reasons. Research shows that there is an outbreak of fire hourly per day, amounting to the great loss of millions of dollars annually (OConnor, 2012).

A number of arsonists are people who had troubles in their childhood, such as exposure to domestic violence, divorced parents and maybe others lacked parental care because their parents were alcoholic or substance abusers. An arsonist sets fire intentionally of properties and buildings without considering the outcome of his action. The arsonist is almost the same with the terrorists because his actions are simple and faster methods of destroying, causing loss of both human life and monetary. Arson is categorized under serious crimes and is charged with penalties that are severe (Kelleher, 2009)

A pyromaniac person refers to somebody who engages with a reason for wave impulse. Pyromania is a lack of instability on the mentality of a person driving its victim to start fires impulsively. Victims of pyromania suffer from a disorder of impulse control, which drives them to accomplish a criminal act. A person who intentionally starts the fire twice for two occasions consecutively is under the category of pyromaniacs. A pyromaniac person is so much full of the fire obsession that always drives him towards starting the fire wherever he goes. This condition of pyromania is one of the rare disorders. This disorder of pyromania starts at the early age of a child due to curiosity. The curiosity starts by watching a lighting candle burning. Then it graduates to the next level of candle lighting trial and finally experimenting with other flammable objects because of such actions; the fires finally get out of control (Core, 2010).

Arson is an intentional fire setting on the property of another person with the motive of vengeance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires Term Paper.
(Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires Term Paper)
Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires Term Paper.
“Arson and Pyromania: Understanding the Need to Start Fires Term Paper”.
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