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Basic Principles of Humanitarian Law - Research Paper Example

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This essay aims to analyze humanitarian issues. There are various principles underlying humanitarian law. These principles are important because they mainly pertain to military operations during crises and how the objectives that the military should have, as well as the feasible precautions…
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Basic Principles of Humanitarian Law
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Download file to see previous pages Given that the main research questions are; what are the common, basic humanitarian law principles and to what extent these principles are observed, the essay discusses the basic principles of humanitarian law.
In humanitarian law, there are basic principles such as military necessity. Military necessity is a principle which should be observed to ensure that aid reaches those who require it, by engaging military officers to perform the function (McCormack and McDonald 6). This is because military officers are trained to address humanitarian issues even in very dangerous circumstances. They have undergone training on saving lives, protecting themselves and protecting and assisting needy victims of war or other calamities.
Another humanitarian law principle is that of limited warfare, which restricts the extent to which military becomes essential so as to achieve the military objectives. Therefore, based on various circumstances, military necessity has various contours which are circumstance specific (Fleck and Bothe 123). Limited warfare entails the prohibition of warfare methods which lead to long-term, widespread and severe damages to the environment (Fleck and Bothe 124).
There is also the principle of distinction which requires that there should be an appropriate distinction between activities that prevent or accelerate the war effort (McCormack and McDonald 6). Distinction requires that there should be a determination of prioritizing so that aid reaches only legitimate beneficiaries so that it does not contribute to the war effort.
The principle of humanity is also a humanitarian law principle. Torture and assassinations should be prohibited. Unnecessary suffering should be limited, as much as possible (McCormack and McDonald 7).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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