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The Balance Between Emergency Powers - Term Paper Example

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This paper "The Balance Between Emergency Powers" describes emergency powers, abuse of the law by the state, and civil liberties. The author outlines the balance between emergency powers, abuse of the law by the state and civil liberties of people within and beyond the United States. Using the emergency powers to improve the government’s anti-terrorism is a viable activity. …
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The Balance Between Emergency Powers
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Extract of sample "The Balance Between Emergency Powers"

Download file to see previous pages The United States Supreme Court stated that United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt used his emergency power to stop the shipment of war equipment to the two warring nations. The case is United States vs. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp [299 U.S. 304 (1936)] was decided in favor of the United States President’s rightful use of Emergency powers (Bardes 388).
Further, Former United States President Abraham Lincoln uses emergency powers during the civil war. The United States presidents’ emergency powers include matters relating to foreign affairs. The United States Chief Executive uses emergency powers during times of national security issues (Ginsburg 344). The national security issues include September 11, 2001, Jetplane attacks on the United States World Trade Center towers, Manhattan and United States government facilities. The hijackers banged their hijacked planes on the Pentagon and an open Pennsylvania location (Bodden 3).
In Louisiana, United States, the law grants emergency powers to the state’s chief executive. The emergency powers include preventing and controlling the sale of alcohol products. The Louisiana emergency powers law also includes allowing the chief executive to monitor and prevent the proliferation of unlicensed guns. The Louisiana emergency powers law was limited. The chief executive could only exercise the emergency powers within a limited time period. The limited-time period is based on the emergency situation, often taking five days. The gun seizing activities were issued to reduce the rising murders and other crimes within the Louisiana community. In response, the National Rifle Association filed a case in court. The United States court stated that the chief executive is not allowed to issue gun collection emergency power orders.  New Orleans Judge Jay Zaney issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the continued collection of the residents’ guns. (Lee 4). In the United States, civil liberties are enshrined n the United States constitution (Bascle 14). Specifically, the United States constitutions’s bill of rights enumerates the rights of the American citizen and the United States residents. Civil Rights can be also called civil liberties. The civil liberties also include the right to vote (Rife 15). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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