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Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act - Coursework Example

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"Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act" paper focuses on this act which tries to safeguard the software developers from the theft or copying by pirates by finding solutions among contradictory software licensing regulations, which differ from state to state in the USA as of date…
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Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act
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Extract of sample "Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act"

Download file to see previous pages There are a number of litigations that are plaguing around software sales, information sales, and internet sales. For the sale of goods, Article 2 of UCC safeguards the interests of the consumers against exploitation by manufacturers. Likewise, there should be a uniform law that should govern the contract pertaining to software, internet sales. Further, the law should be analogs and should not be different in Virginia or Kentucky. The result is the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act which tries to safeguard the software developers from the theft or copying by pirates by finding solutions among contradictory software licensing regulations, which differ from state to state in the USA as of date.

The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) prescribes regulations for licensing computer information and allied contracts in the states. Under the above act, transactions like contracts pertaining to access to computer programs, online databases, and processing of data are being covered. Despite stiff opposition from Attorney-General’s of 26 states in the US and various bodies, the above bill was voted by NCCUSL on 29 July 1999. The law is proposed to offer safeguards to all e-commerce transactions as to how (Uniform Civil Code) protects the interest of consumers when they buy products in the market. UCITA is specifically drafted to offer a safeguard to e-commerce transactions like UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act) which safeguards non-UCITA and non-UCC transactions, Article 8 of UCC safeguarding holding of securities and Article 5 of UCC safeguarding the electronic LC (Letters of Credit). Though the UCITA tries to protect the e-commerce transactions in a piecemeal way core issues to e-commerce transactions like online information transactions have not been codified clearly in it now.

The main objective of the UCITA is to prescribe regulations and rules to administer commercial transactions through information technology and to offer concise and clear governing law to be applicable to e-commerce transactions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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