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In the paper “Theories in Criminal Justice,” the author tries to explain the reasons that cause people to engage in criminal behavior. These theories occur in four different forms including psychological, biological, sociological and rational choice. All these theories explain the causes of crime…
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Theories in Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages Since these studies started a long time ago, there has been the development of several theories among the criminologists to answer these questions. On the other hand, there are likely to be multidisciplinary causes of criminal behavior (Lawrence, 2011). Criminology theory gives a scientific explanation of the reasons why people commit crimes. Although criminology theory has different elements, which try to stand alone to expound on criminal behavior, there has to be an interrelation of factors to give the true explanation. Among the four different elements of criminology theory are biological factors, psychological factors, sociological factors, and rational choice. It is necessary to understand each element for better understanding on a true explanation of criminal behavior (Strider, 2011). Conversely, the theories depend on logic to explain whether the criminal act is the result of a rational decision, internal predisposition or external aspects and why a person commits a crime. Consequently, it is through these theories that the judicial and law system is structured (Divico, 2011).
The study of the relationships between societal influences and crime depicts sociological Positivism. A study of social structures within an offenders environment, for example, peer groups, socioeconomic status, subculture, family and education level that cause his criminality is under sociological theory. Moreover, the theory tries to explain how an offender sticks to his environs, becoming a product of his environment and social learning. According to this concept, under certain circumstances like strain including poverty, a breakdown in the family or moral values and family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theories in Criminal Justice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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