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The Criminal Justice System Has Many Flaws that Need to Be Apprehended Right away - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "The Criminal Justice System Has Many Flaws that Need to Be Apprehended Right away" it is clear that although the modern era of science has facilitated the process of conviction, improper forensic science continues to haunt many innocent victims. …
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The Criminal Justice System Has Many Flaws that Need to Be Apprehended Right away
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Extract of sample "The Criminal Justice System Has Many Flaws that Need to Be Apprehended Right away"

Download file to see previous pages Eyewitness testimonies are the primary source of evidence in cases such as his that lack forensic evidence[1]. Eyewitness misidentifications are also the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in more than 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing. In 38% of the misidentification cases, several eyewitnesses misidentified the same innocent person [2]. Over 175 people have been wrongfully convicted because of misidentification but later were released due to DNA testing. Professor Gary Wells, pro-leader of the innocence project perfectly describes this issue as he states, “People tend to think of the ability to recognize a face as a natural ability [2]. But a criminal situation is totally different than what people generally experience.” In order to reduce victim misidentification; it would be helpful to conduct a double-blind presentation in which the administrator is unaware of the witnesses' description [2]. Another suggestion is to tell the person viewing the line- up is told that perpetrator may not be in the suspect line up. Furthermore, everything should be electronically recorded since it’s a strong information tool that can help the justice system reach the truth. It creates a barrier towards false confession, and at the same time is capable to form a strong evidence to convict the guilty[2]. Another suggestion is to expand the discovery process. Discovery is an essential process in which the prosecution reveals confidential information before the trial that is associated with the investigation. This is highly critical since it builds accuracy, confidence, and reliability. In essence, the expansion of “discovery” can protect against wrongful convictions. A sequential presentation can also reform the process, which consists of lining up members one-by-one instead of side-by-side [3]. Habib Wahir Abdal, Adams Kenneth, and Gilbert Alejandro were all victims of eyewitness misidentification who were later released through DNA testing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Criminal Justice System Has Many Flaws That Need to Be Apprehended Research Paper.
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