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Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Structure of the Legal Profession in the UK,” the author evaluates the legal system in the United Kingdom, which has evolved through historical and political developments in the country over the past three or four centuries. The root of the system’s origin, undoubtedly, runs deeper…
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Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom
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Extract of sample "Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom"

Download file to see previous pages However, the partition of Ireland in 1922 was a major turning point in the current state of affairs of the UK’s legal system. This event also influenced the religious leanings of each constituent according to the Catholic or Protestant majority as the case may be in each region. (The Legal Profession)
There are basically three constituents in the nation’s legal structure comprising England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Although England and Wales are two separate constituents, their legal structure is the same. England and Wales also have the same legal jurisdictions. Scotland’s legal scripts are based on the ancient Roman laws. The Scottish parliament can enact and amend legislation on domestic issues, but not on national and external affairs such as defense and economy. (Sarah Carter)
Functionally, the legal profession in the UK is divided into two separate disciplines of barristers and solicitors. In England and Wales, solicitors outnumber barristers eight to one. Solicitors work behind the desk advising and preparing cases for the clients, whereas barristers represent the cases in the courts. Although diverse, the functions of solicitors and barristers are like two sides of the same coin.
The basic qualifications necessary for these two branches are the same. It is only after graduation that those wishing to enter the profession as solicitors have to complete a Legal Practice Course according to the requirement of the Law Society, and those choosing to be barristers have to complete Bar Vocational Course franchised by the General Council of the Bar. Both these courses are of one-year duration. (Legal Education in the United Kingdom)
Barristers have the right of audience in the Supreme Court and in all other courts, and they specialize in different areas of operations. Some barristers may specialize in concerning criminal law, while others may be experts in civil cases. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom Assignment - 1, n.d.)
Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom Assignment - 1.
(Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom Assignment - 1)
Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom Assignment - 1.
“Structure of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom Assignment - 1”.
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