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This implies that the general rule is that the documentary can be legally tapped and shown to students with the permission of the copyright owner. However, the Fair Use rule provides…
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Copy right issues
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Copyright Questions al Affiliation Copyright Questions Question Documentaries, just like other television programs, are protected by federal copyright laws. This implies that the general rule is that the documentary can be legally tapped and shown to students with the permission of the copyright owner. However, the Fair Use rule provides special exception that can allow the teacher to use the work without the permission of the copyright owner. The issue, however, arises on the decision by the teacher to use the recording every year in teaching. According to NOLO (2014), a documentary recording can be used for ten days and after the period expires, the tape piece can only be used for evaluation. After this period, the teacher can only use it after a license has been obtained for its permanent inclusion into the teaching curriculum.
Question 2
When a teacher buys a CD and installs the interactive math software in all the computers in the classroom, it is a violation of copyrights. This is because software are also protected by the federal copyright laws, and educational facilities are not exempted. Installing the software in three different computers is the same as making duplicate copies of the product (CNI, 2014). Title 17 of the US Code clearly spells out that it is not legal to make duplicated copies without the permission of the copy right holder. Section 117 only gives permission for making backup copies. This implies that the teacher has violated the copy right laws (CNI, 2014).
Question 3
In this case, the student would not be violating copy right laws. This is due to the exception given to education facilities and scholars to use copyrighted materials without the permission of the owner under the Fair Use provision (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2013). This provision requires that the amount and the substantiality of the section used amounts to smoothing, which is taken to be fair in relation to the white piece. Since the student has decided to only use the soundtrack, which is a small quantity of the work in his academic work, it has no significant effect on the entire product (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2013). As such, no law has been violated.
Question 4
a. Yes, the teacher can distribute the pictures in word documents for the students. Display of visual images in a classroom is governed by the US Copyright Law, as well as the TEACH Act. Section 110(1) allows the use of the images for educational purposes, including through electronic courseware (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2013).
b. This will depend on whether the teacher has received permission and license from the copyright holder. Since they are not images in the public domain, permission may be required for them to be used every year in teaching (NOLO, 2014).
c. The images can be put on a website only if access is limited as required by the Fair Use provision of the US Copyright Act by means of a password or any other technological means.
d. Yes, the students can use them in presentation since it will be within the Fair Use provision.
Question 5
There has been a debate on what should happen if the person who has the copyright authority over a given product dies. In the existing federal provisions, only the surviving spouse of the author has the right to assume the authority at the time of death. This is why the Copyright and Marriage Equality Act has been proposed to clearly define those who can assume these rights (Congress. Gov, 2015). This way, even the copyrights of new technologies will be passed on to those persons declared to be widows, widowers or the next of kin by the legislation.
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