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Criminal Investigations - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents the CID which is the branch of the Abu Dhabi police that deals with criminal investigations, criminal records and many other functions. Its work is to carry out investigations, including forensics investigation and come up with conviction evidence in the court. …
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Criminal Investigations
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"Criminal Investigations"

Download file to see previous pages From the research it is clear that for local people who are born and reside in Abu Dhabi, the criminal clearance always involves a check for any criminal records within the UAE. For foreigners who intend to work in Abu Dhabi, the security clearance involves a check for criminal records within the UAE as well as their country of origin. This is always important for most firms as well as government employees who want to be careful in terms recruiting people with a clean criminal record. Most government departments that have jobs that are sensitive want to know that they are employing people who don’t have the high potential of being criminals. Private organizations also ask for this security clearance when they feel that the position they want to fill is a sensitive position that needs to be filled by a person which can be trusted.
This paper declares that the Criminal Investigation Department also acts s the manager for the repository of the data and information for the criminal records. The Criminal Investigation Department keeps all the data records about all criminal records and criminal investigations. This data reserve for criminal records helps in a number of ways with regard to curbing crime. First, it helps with the criminal investigations. The data kept by the Criminal Investigation Department in Abu Dhabi is always important in criminal investigations because they act as the basis of criminal investigations. They also provide with a database for security clearances as described above. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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