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Although different states have different laws, most agree on the following definition of stalking by Privacy Rights (2013) “Stalking refers to harassing or threatening behavior that is engaged in repeatedly. Such harassment can be either…
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All s have anti-stalking statutes. Although different s have different laws, most agree on the following definition of stalking by Privacy Rights (2013) “Stalking refers to harassing or threatening behavior that is engaged in repeatedly. Such harassment can be either physical stalking or cyberstalking.” Men can be stalked. Victims should be given an intake based on incident, not gender.
Intake Form
1. Do you feel that your stalker could hurt you?
2. Has your stalker ever harmed you physically?
3. Has your stalker ever destroyed your property?
4. Has your stalker ever threatened you?
5. Do you know your stalker?
6. What do you know about your stalker?
7. Does interacting or agreeing with your stalker help the situation or escalates the stalking?
8. Does ignoring, avoiding, or other methods of stopping the stalker escalate the situation?
9. Has there been a time lapse between the incidents, or pattern you have noticed?
10. What would make you feel safer?
Stalking should never be determined as a typical crime or action. The more information a victim gives the better. The red flags to be seen on the intake form above would be any malicious or violent behavior. Any violence the victim relates, past or present, should be taken seriously. Stalkers will only become more violent if violence is already present. Damaged property should be taken seriously only after violence. The pattern of stalking can be very important in predicting future attacks. Any stalker information can help create a profile. This profile can put the stalkers in one of five categories. Davis (2005) reports the five categories as:
1. The rejected stalker. This person was rejected in a relationship, and they perceive it as an insult, they feel wounded, and they are seeking vindication.
2. The resentful stalker. These are self-righteous, self-pitying people who may threaten, but they are the least likely to act on it.
3. The intimacy-seeking stalker. They believe they are loved or will be loved by the victim. Often they focus on someone of higher social status. This person is mentally ill and delusional.
4. The incompetent. This person is socially backward. He doesnt really understand the social rules involved in dating and romance. He doesnt mean any harm.
5. The predator. This is about sex gratification, control, and violence. The stalker doesnt necessarily know the victim. The victim may not know she is being stalked. But a predator plans their attack, rehearses it, has lots of sexual fantasies about it.
The most serious to least would be the predator, intimacy-seeking stalker, rejected stalker, incompetent, and resentful.
The intake form above creates an evaluation as unique as the assessment. This type of form will need to be assessed and evaluated based on the answers. Since the answers are going to vary, the evaluations will also vary. If the assessment above finds violence, property destruction, and the characteristics of the predator or intimacy-seeking stalker, these should be given priority. These stalkers will not go away or stop. If there is no violence, property destruction, and the characteristics of a resentful stalker, these should be given less priority. However, every stalker has the potential to be violent. Each case should be studied individually.
In conclusion, it should be noted that not every stalker will be stopped. Some cases will end up in fatalities, casualties, and other harm done. Some cases will be solved and the behavior stopped. There is no assessment and evaluation miracle. Not all behavior can be predicted. The above intake, assessment, and evaluation should be used as tool. It should never be used to convict a stalker. It should only predict behavior.
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