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 This essay discusses bias or the predisposition to address an issue or react to events in a certain way is part of being human. One of the latest examples of bias in the field of broadcasting is from a Times article written by David Charter with the heading ‘Radovan Karadzic appears before Hague court"…
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Bias or the Predisposition an Issue
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Bias or the Predisposition an Issue
Bias or the predisposition to address an issue or react to events in a certain way is part of being human. Right-leaning or left-leaning, shallow or deeply rooted in one’s principles, bias has plagued news precisely because it distorts the two main assumptions of reporting current information: accuracy and balance. One of the latest examples of bias in the field of broadcasting is from a Times article written by David Charter with the heading ‘Radovan Karadzic appears before Hague court- to mock judges’ in where bias for the prosecution and against the defendant is obvious and, to some extent, overwhelming.
The title itself gives away the author’s leaning against Karadzic using the word “mock” – word that has harsh implications such as to treat somebody with scorn. Though according to the article the former Bosnian President has “demanded another nine months to prepare his defence” (Charter, 2009, para. 2) and “mock” can literally mean to prevent something, the choice of words connotes Karadzic’s actions to cause frustration or humiliation- a far too great accusation that becomes personal in relation to the judges present at the court. Other words used to describe Karadzic include “a psychiatrist who hoodwinked many with his disguise” (Charter, 2009, para. 3) and “wraithlike shadow” (Charter, 2009, para. 4). The first description already insinuates that the former Bosnian Serb leader is indeed already guilty of tricking his whole nation even before the trial has started. The writer here forgets that the trial is ongoing in the first place to assess whether Karadzic is guilty or not. The second description on the other hand is plainly a figure of speech- a rhetorical device that appeals to the imagination of readers to suggest how evil Karadzic is.
Upon further inspection of the way the article is written, the tone of the writer becomes apparent: he is the one who is in fact mocking Radovan Karadzic as he mimics the actions of the defendant by putting them into words in a demeaning way: It seems that his exasperation subsided when Karadzic “finally graced the UN war crimes court” (Charter, 2009, para. 1) – his tone condescending in even being patient for Karadzic’s arrival. The placement of certain facts and the pertaining to the defendant can put emphasis on ideas and also give away the inclination of the writer: The placement of “a psychiatrist who hoodwinked many with his disguise on the run as a New Age healer and who prides himself as a master of mind game” (Charter, 2009, para. 3) between dashes is sure to stick to the reader’s mind as the whole story of the life of Radovan Karadzic, not to mention the reference to Karadzic being a “master of mind games” (Charter, 2009, para. 3) will surely make readers think twice before sympathizing with him. Lastly, placing a fact at the end of the whole article contributes the retention of that fact among readers and final impression that is worth mentioning about Karadzic is the “suggestion from the prosecution which include… simply dragging him to the courtroom” (Charter, 2009, para. 7). At least for the reader, this might hint at what the writer wants to happen to Karadzic.
With regards to the writer, it is important to note that David Charter became a European correspondent of The Times in September 2006 after four years as chief political correspondent (“E!Sharp Contributors”, 2009). It is also reasonable that the writer has vested interests in trial, especially taking into consideration that he is European and Karadzic is one of those accused with “the worst atrocities in Europe since the Second World War” (Charter, 2009, para. 4). It then becomes clearer why the writer might feel strongly about the trial and has a large bias that seems to run deep against the Karadzic.
Charter, D. (2009). Radovan Karadzic appears before Hague court- to mock judges. Times Online. Retrieved from
“E!Sharp Contributors”. (2009). E!Sharp. Retrieved from Read More
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Bias or the Predisposition an Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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