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The Effectiveness of Organizational Actions, Structures, and Multiagency Involvement in Response to Homeland Security - Research Paper Example

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The effectiveness of organizational actions, structures, and multiagency involvement (local, state, and federal level) in response to homeland security The Issue The aftermath of the attack of the world trade centre in September 11, a series of dramatic events cropped up with response to those events exposing the United States of America (US) to highly escalating risks of terrorist attacks…
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The Effectiveness of Organizational Actions, Structures, and Multiagency Involvement in Response to Homeland Security
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Download file to see previous pages Terrorism is definitely a serious issue for the super power America as it has faced one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in century (Bullock et al, 2012 p. xv). Positioning statement The department of the Homeland security( DHS) was founded by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (P.L. 107-296) signed on November 25, 2002 with departments from 22 different government agencies initiating official operations on March1, 2003. The DHS has since then underwent a series of restructurings and reorganizations with the aim to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. This section will deal with the actions taken by the US government in tackling the counter terrorism aspect and its subsequent development of a strong base structure with the involvement of the multilateral agencies engaged in tackling the counter terrorism issue. Literature Review Background of the problem The aspect of terrorism is a transnational threat that entails potential risks to the global interests of United States’ manifested and developed from the international and the domestic surroundings. The core theme of the United States efforts in addressing these transnational issues is to detect, deter and defeat the terrorist faction, primarily the Al Qaeda (Painter, 2011, p. 8). Supporting evidence The Obama administration recognized the significance of the home ground jihadist threat in two of its recent strategy documents. In June 2011, the administration announced the National strategy for the counter terrorism which focused on the Al Qaeda, its affiliates and its adherents. Obama’s top counter terrorism advisor John Brennan publicly described that homeland security is the primary area of emphasis with respect to counterterrorism efforts. In August 2011, the Obama administration released a strategy for combating the violent extremism revolving around the counter action of the radicalization of all types of potential terrorists. The domestic focus of the policy was the protection of the civil rights, federal cooperation with the local leaders in the private and the public sectors. In 2004, Congress passed the project Bio Shield in order to encourage the private sector to develop certain biological counter measures to protect the lethal effects of the biological menace done by the terrorist attacks (Painter, 2011, pp. 8-10). The National Counterterrorism Center is the primary organization for the integration and analyzing the processes involved with terrorism. The system provides all source intelligence support to the government wide counter terrorism activities and establishment of the information technology systems and architectures and infrastructure between the NCTC and the other agencies. The NCTC serves as the chief advisor to the Director of National Intelligence on the international organizations for the strategic operation planning of the counter terrorism (Counterterrorism, n.d., p.3). In the fall of 2001, the anthrax incidents induced the potential biological attacks against the nation. In January 2001, President Bush declared a supplementary appropriation with an amount of around $ 1 billion to tighten the states’ capabilities of the bio-terrorism. Developments were made by the states in the utilization of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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