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Air Commerce Act of 1926 - Research Paper Example

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Air Commerce Act of 1926 This was a new federal law enacted in 1926 to establish a relationship between the federal government and the development of commercial aviation. The act consists of six major provisions, which are licensing of aircrafts, licensing of flyers, making of aircrafts, requirements in the operation of aircrafts, air traffic rules, and rating of air navigation facilities (Brady, 2001)…
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Air Commerce Act of 1926
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Download file to see previous pages Then in 1918, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was form to provide regulation of air commerce, including licensing of pilots and inspection of aircrafts and airfields. The following year this organization drafted a bill for the congress to consider. This bill could lead to creation of a bureau of aeronautics within the department of commerce. Due to lack of adequate budget and the political philosophy of those days, that bill was not enacted. The efforts to have some form of regulation continued with the congress having a bill related to this every year between 1919 and 1926. During these years, several legislation measures were proposed but they failed at some point in the legislation process. One of these legislation measures was the Civil Aeronautical Bill of 1923, which sought to regulate airspace and establish federal licensing standards. This bill failed in the committee stage as a few steps to becoming a law. In the late 1924 and early 1925 two committees, the Marrow Board, and congressional hearings took testimonies on this issue and issued reports endorsing similar recommendations, which would later emerge as the Air Commerce Act of 1926. ...
Another purpose was to achieve a uniform nationwide system allocation throughout all the states of America which was to ensure that air transportation achieve almost similar growth in all the states. Moreover, the government in enacting this law purposed to have a system for registering aircrafts and aircrew. This could help the country in the management of its airspace and in general coordinate its air transportation. This also aimed to ensure that all airplanes and crewmembers meet required standards for enhanced safety. The impact of air Commerce Act was that it established an aeronautical branch within the department of commerce. This branch was given the mandate of undertaking all the regulation involving the activities of the aviation industry. This branch had five divisions within it and each division was assigned a specific task concerning the aviation industry. These divisions were the airways division, Aeronautical Research division, Aeronautical mapping division, aeronautical regulation division, and the air information division. The airways division was responsible for control the activities in the airways. The research division was responsible for any kind of research required to improve air transportation. The aeronautical mapping division was responsible for identifying new places to develop airports. The aeronautical division was responsible for regulating all the activities in this industry and the air information division was responsible for the custody of any information belong to this industry. At the beginning most of the work within this branch was undertaken by other established branches of this department except aeronautical regulation and air information. This is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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