Doctors of the Rich and Famous have a Tendency of Being Rude - Research Paper Example

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Date Doctors of the Rich and the Famous have a Tendency of Being Rude It is usual that in any deliberate professional training there are ethics that guides the practices related to the profession. The ethics are instituted to avert any possible a foreseen misconduct by the practitioners that may defraud the unsuspecting clients for the resources or valuables thereby…
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Doctors of the Rich and Famous have a Tendency of Being Rude
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Doctors of the Rich and the Famous have a Tendency of Being Rude It is usual that in any deliberate professional training there are ethics that guides the practices related to the profession. The ethics are instituted to avert any possible a foreseen misconduct by the practitioners that may defraud the unsuspecting clients for the resources or valuables thereby. Just like practicing law, doctor’s practices are equally developed under the very stringent regulations that guide other professions like law. This is ostensibly to cushion the public from possible extortion by these professionals who are known to be very swift in such cases. In most cases when a professional is found guilty of defrauding the client, their certificate of practice is normally withdrawn and such people will never be allowed to legally practice. This paper explores the unscrupulous conduct of the rich people’s doctors. In pursuit of that, the paper clearly depicts how they siphon them off their resources unfairly. Riding on the simple fact that rich people will obviously afford an hiked fee, doctors are known to inflate the figures in such cases and in some desperate attempts, the do over state the dosage or create imaginary ailment to sustain their unfair practices (Gosfield 45). In the vent that a trained personnel can device such unethical standards to the honest and unsuspecting clients, the only favor the public people can granted is keeping these kind of people at a bay- withdrawing their certificate of practice so as to impair their practice which is detrimental to other’s struggling health (BMJ 12). One would pose the question; do these doctors care about the sanctity of life?, and if they do why are they contravening the codes?, are the doctors not given remuneration that is commensurate to the profession to warrant this or it’s just a few deviants who do not care about life?. These salient questions would ring into one’s mind upon realization that such activities have found their way into the all-important profession. One of the possible court cases is when the patient realizes that the doctor did made own speculations to further the contract of providing medical care to him when in the utmost honesty, the supposed ailment was not real. For example the gastro-intestinal microbe Escherichia coli is a normal flora in human being but can be pathogenic to the body if one is either immunologically compromised or if it gets access to the reproductive organs of the females (Gosfield 47). The symptoms the manifests are quite similar to that of the sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) like syphilis. Owing to these, the patients are normally fooled by the unscrupulous doctors that they have contracted STIs. This is because treating the bacteria only requires administration of the antibiotics while treating the STIs is involving and requires a long dosage period thus the tendency to hoodwink the patients. Such a patient upon realizing the game that has been going on can opt to take the matter to the court for arbitration, as they feel defrauded. In this case, one would ask, what is the driving force to this unethical acts?, is it the meager income?. In another scenario, unscrupulous doctors would find it convenient to quantify dosage beyond the recommended limit so that the patient can pay more. This tendency is analogous to another in which the doctor deliberately doubles or creates multiples test beyond the recommended one on ground that every cycle of the test run is at a significant pay. For example, in the event that the errant doctor is aware that the patient is financially stable, they would in the case of medical conditions like cancers schedule for repeated cycles of radiotherapy (BMJ 15). This will act as their own strategy to mark time and to unfairly get the excesses of cash from the client. This is challengeable in the court of law and subsequent apprehension standard will be applied to dispense justice where appropriate (15th annual Health Law Institute 25). Fraud is unlawful act be it from professional point of view or not. Should the doctor be found guilty of the stated offence, a number of factors will be considered before the final verdict is given. The verdict will be a reflective of the following; that the doctor had the intent to defraud from the very start of the engagement. That the doctor contravened the ethical code of conduct despite knowing the consequences and that the doctor is qualified and is registered with the board at the time of committing the crime. These coupled with the consequences of his/her act will dictate the penalty given. With regard to this, two possible outcomes are probable (15th annual Health Law Institute 31). The doctor risks losing the certificate of practice and this is the apex of apprehension or if the intent was not there and it arouse due to mediocrity, then the culpability can be footing any quantifiable damage caused by the action. Doctor’s tendency to abuse rich and famous clients by the doctors has been on the rife and the premature death of the great musician Michael Jackson and Huston are vivid clarity that doctors of the famous and the rich have gone through some changes that shields them from discharging their duties fairly and justly. The unexpected deaths of these people ends up being contested in the courts of law with the families crying foul of the doctors conducts. Works Cited 15th annual Health Law Institute. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 2009. Print. Dishonest doctors should not continue to practise | BMJ." Home | BMJ. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2012. . Gosfield, Alice G.. Health law handbook. 2007 ed. St. Paul. Minn.: Thomson/West, 2007. Print. Read More
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