The Reflective Research Diary: Internal Arbitration and International Investments, Saudi Arabia vs. UK and Maryam - Coursework Example

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The Reflective Research Diary Introduction The topic that I selected for my dissertation writing is ‘International Arbitration and International Investment: A Comparative Study between Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom’. The reason to why I selected this topic is chiefly my interest and my association with the two countries…
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The Reflective Research Diary: Internal Arbitration and International Investments, Saudi Arabia vs. UK and Maryam
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Extract of sample "The Reflective Research Diary: Internal Arbitration and International Investments, Saudi Arabia vs. UK and Maryam"

Download file to see previous pages However, reading into the details of arbitration and investment in Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom will give me not only information but also enjoyment because of my curiosity for the topic. Before starting to write this diary, as mentioned earlier on, I opted for the given topic and this selection was not easy as a wide range of topics were available to choose from. For the process of selection, I surfed through internet to find a topic that gives me interest and which, I am able to complete successfully. Week 1 After deciding on a topic, the first step that I took was start drafting the ideas that came to my mind about the topic. I wrote everything I came to my mind and the knowledge that I had. I also wrote general ideas of people about the topic. After this procedure, I started conducting research on the topic of international arbitration and investment and I wrote the same full topic that I had mentioned earlier on in Google to see what comes as a result. I see the available books, journals, articles and magazines available on the internet. By researching at the initial stage, I was happy to find out that internet served a great information retrieval source. There are databases available that help an individual to surf for any topic that he likes. The research terms that I used on Google to search for helpful content are ‘international arbitration’, ‘international arbitration and investment’, ‘history of arbitration’, ‘arbitration in Arab countries’, ‘arbitration in European countries’, ‘agreements of arbitration and investment’, ‘disputes related o arbitration and investment among countries’, ‘international arbitration and investment in Saudi Arabia’, ‘international arbitration and investment in United Kingdom’ and so on. There were many books available on internet along with articles and journals related to my topic. When I scrutinized through the available content, I tried to note the important points and collected them as bullet points as a draft that can be further used for the final write up. According to my understanding, the first stage that can be there in any dissertation writing is collection of all available data from various resources such as internet, library and bookstores. On Thursday, I read the book named ‘International Arbitration: Law and Practice’ by Mauro and I came to know that as per Saudi law the aggrieved first should refer the matter to their competent court to seek remedy since the Saudi law restricts agencies to sue the party in their country of origin. It means that the government accommodates parties to seek justice from its own court system and not external courts. Week 2 An important point that needs to be kept in mind in dissertation writing is knowledge of writing, I am required to use OSCOLA because my dissertation is related to law and OSCOLA referencing style of writing suits law dissertations. Therefore, when I accessed information about the topic of my research, I also collected information about the referencing style. I saved important direct quotes of writers by highlighting them in their respected documents and I was quite aware that I have to reference them fully in order to avoid plagiarism of any kind. Direct copying is plagiarism and I really don’t want to do that because I want to complete and hand over my dissertation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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