The Conflict Between the Client and the Building Contractor - Research Paper Example

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This report has the objective of examining the different scenarios that arose during the building process. This report finds a basis in the fact that there was a contract between the construction company contracted for the project and management of the university…
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The Conflict Between the Client and the Building Contractor
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Download file to see previous pages The completion date may be adjusted at the request of the client. In making such a request, however, the client has to give the contractor a twelve-week period to respond to the request. This condition may present either a challenge or advantage for the client, depending on the response obtained from the contractor. The pitfall that is evident in this scenario is; there is no assurance of the contractor being able to make such adjustments. In this particular project, the client desires to take ownership of the third and fifth floors before the indicated completion date. If the floors required were the initial ones, this proposition would seem likely. The client, however, seeks to occupy the middle and top-most floors. The challenge is as to how the building process will proceed once the client occupies these floors. To make it easier, the floors that would increase the feasibility of the proposition would be the bottom floors of the building. On the day scheduled for the building project to commence, the contractors encounter a problem. The client has some materials blocking the main entrance to the site. According to the empowerment clause, the contractor can only issue instructions under his mandate. Going against this is an act indicating a breach of contract. The only way that it is possible for the contractor to order for these materials blocking the main entrance to the site is by consulting the Architect/ Contract Administrator (A/CA). The A/CA then issues instructions in writing allowing for the contractor to execute the instructions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Construction Contracts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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