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The Right of Privacy - Research Paper Example

However in the United States Constitution does not unequivocally recognize this fundamental right. The motive of makers of the American constitution by avoiding to directly put an article that safeguard the right of privacy was a genuine one. If such like an article would have been inserted in the constitution then it would have been very difficult to protect the general public against individuals or groups that are a threat to the security of the country. The law therefore eliminates cases of people going to court to get court orders to prevent themselves and their property from being searched when law enforcement agencies like the police are carrying out their duties. Simply said, lack of an open law in the constitution of the United States enables law enforcement agencies and especially the police to carry out their duties effectively (Kennedy 59). However this is not to say that American citizens are not protected by the constitution against unjustified harassment and unwarranted invasion on their private places of residences, nor does it take away the citizen’s right to practice happier life. On the contrary the constitution appreciates the need for a safer country with a proper environment for the pursuit of happiness by citizens. The law therefore takes a broader picture with inclusion of the right to life and the right to have an inviolate personality. (The right to be alone) the laws therefore recognize that in a civilized society like that of America, such like rights are fundamental

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Privacy Right of Freedom of Information
For instance, sometimes journalists do investigate into and publish reports regarding the personal lives of public figures and personalities without even bothering to solicit a valid consent or permission from their subjects. Also, financial institutions like banks and credit card companies on a regular basis pass on the credit records and details of their clients to the credit rating agencies and organizations to protect the interests and essentials of free commerce.
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Computer crimes,ethics, and privacy
It is true that everything has two sides; a positive and a negative one. And on the basis of some negative effects the potential benefits of technology, such as computers and internet, cannot be ignored. But it is also important to understand the perils of computers and internet, so that one can attempt to avoid and eradicate such perils.
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Internet Privacy
This monitoring and keeping records of everyone’s behaviour does violate an individual’s right to privacy. Especially in an arena like internet where a person would assume it is alright to perform activities without anyone knowing, it does become a sensitive matter.
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Based on Epistomological research- Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy
In the context of USA law, privacy is defined as ‘a civil liberty, a right to be free of outside interference’ (Regan 4). In 1995, the British government defined privacy as incorporating two rights: ‘a) the right to be free from harassment and b) the right to privacy of personal information’ (Stanco 3).
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Privacy hw
The case provided deals with information privacy. Privacy is very important for various reasons like psychological, sociological, economical, and political. Email security
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The state accuses Mr. Holden; however, a judge from superior court granted an action to restrain the marijuana, determining that “the warrantless placement of a GPS device to track a suspect 24 hours
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Online Privacy
Indeed, every website we are visiting registers our information about us. For example, our IP address. Moreover, research that we do without thinking could also be supervised. The debate in the United States about the privacy of citizens opposes the fact that,
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Facebook privacy
Even with the varying understanding of the idea of privacy, the majority of American adults fear that their privacy is getting increasingly threatened by the day. On the other
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The right to privacy for self and business
One of the examples is the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA provides protection for an individual’s information on health. On the other hand Federal Trade Commission (FTC) deals with protection
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An essay that discusses how the internet has altered our understanding of the right to privacy and our interaction with one another, as demonstrated in Dave Eggers' The Circle
All kinds of information such as graphics, texts, video, computer programs and voice can be sent over the internet when two or more computers are connected or linked the other. No one in particular owns the internet although a good number of
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
and cannot be taken away.(Olmstead Vs US, 1928) the constitution therefore simply trying to protect innocent citizens so that they do not suffer the consequences of malicious actions or thoughts from people and groups with a negative intention of causing harm to others (Supreme court 7). Another important point to make is that, as much as the right to privacy is not directly rooted in the constitution of America, it (Right to Privacy) is deeply seated in tenets of ethics of American lifestyle and values safeguarded b the constitution of America. The right of privacy is protected through the following ways; i) The Bill of Rights and Common Law Even though the American constitution does not explicitly talk about protection of privacy using the word ‘privacy’ the supreme court has confirmed that their exists the right of privacy in the common law and Bill of Rights. The fourth amendment in the Bill of Rights safeguards people’s papers, homes and their personalities against unrealistic seizures and searches by states and governments (Lankford 21). The initial amendment emphasizes this by safeguarding freedom of speech, religion, assembly and press and utterly defends the autonomy of thought as well as intellect (Olmstead v US). ii) Public Libraries Precedent has been set by the initial decision by the Supreme Court that completely articulated the protection of privacy in the case Griswold v. Connecticut. The court ruled that the protection of privacy integrated the entitlement by couples that are married to make use of family planning methods. The case was listened to in Griswold, and the jury stated clearly in writing to the court, the Bill of Rights very clearly creates privacy zones in initial Amendment of association Rights, the Tipple Amendment on barring the army to quarter in a place of residence, the Quadruple Amendment which guarantees safety in an individual’s house, person, papers and effects. He courts have further
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Surname: Course: Lecturer: Date:  The Right of Privacy The right of privacy is a human entitlement safeguarded by both statutory and common law and has been contingent to the constitution of America. It has expanded to a freedom of personal independent safeguarded by the fourteenth amendment (Warren 22)…
The Right of Privacy
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