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Political Environment Case Study Analysis - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Political Environment Case Study Analysis Name  Institution    Date 1. How would you respond? Would you just capitulate and end some or all of these programs? Explain your answer. In responding to this situation, it will be necessary to realize that the person giving instructions is my senior by virtue of having been elected by people…
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Political Environment Case Study Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages It encourages a series of revenge by the wrong doer to the society and thus crime is not stopped (Honderich, 1969). I would, therefore, try to show the sense in my program and its benefit in the long run when the inmates are incorporated in the society as rehabilitated. This way, the governor may understand it and convince, through his political power, his followers who might be tempted to be against the current program. This will be easier for him since the project has already won the hearts of the citizens. The programs for providing educational, vocational and treatment opportunities have not only gained national attention, but have led to the reduction of recidivism by 30 percent. My department will attempt to convince the governor that, this way, he will gain his political mileage even if it means associating the program with him. 2. Is there any room to negotiate with the governor? As a trade-off, would you offer to put in place some programs that are known to be tough on inmates? If so, what kind? There is room to negotiate with the governor since the programs cannot be implemented without his support. The difference, between the governor’s ideology and the ideology behind the programs being implemented, is that the governor wants retributive justice while the program is working on restorative justice. In restorative justice, the main concern is making the victim whole and reintegrating the offender into the society through education, vocational training and humane treatment (Duff & Garland, 1994). This way, the offender is treated like other citizens and is given a chance to rehabilitate and understand the effect his offense has done to the victim. This approach does not satisfy legal principles, but the victim takes an active role in the process while offenders repair the harm they have done by being rehabilitated (Konow, 2003). Effort will be made to convince the society on the effectiveness of the preferred theory of justice. Therefore, enough mechanism will be put in place to ensure correct protocols are used to approach the politician. This way, there will be no need of a trade off by reintroducing tough programs for the inmate. This is because; these tough programs will not work well with restorative justice approach, which is meant to treat inmates as leniently as possible when it comes to punishment. Since the program has some ends to achieve, they will desire, just like the offenders to do so “through cooperation with others on mutually acceptable terms” (Rawls, 1999, p. 266). 3. Before dismantling your policies and programs, would you attempt to see how much internal and external support you have for them? If yes, whom would you contact and how? Incase the worse get to be worst, and the program requires to be dismantled, we will give a chance to public opinion. Since the program in place has already won some support from the public, it will be significant to assess the internal and external support. This will be done with the hope that the governor will be convinced, and if he is a democrat, he will go by public opinion. For this case, I will contact institutions like media and others which conduct opinion polls to assess the public opinion on the programs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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