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Law Writing Assignment: Corrections - Coursework Example

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Client’s Name xx January 2012 Module 1 Writing Assignment: Corrections 1. Surprisingly, the usual perception that people have about correction—longer and more stringent punishments for the offenders—is not true. In fact, people think that some offenders deserve to be in a community program rather than be incarcerated…
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Law Writing Assignment: Corrections
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Download file to see previous pages 2. The continuum of sanctions pertains to the notion of compounding one or more punishment options within the community or an institution to obtain a series of sentencing goals. Some examples of the general punishment options used for continuum of sanctions purpose are probation, diversion, restitution and fines, community service, and substance abuse treatment. 3. Community correction, in terms of helping the offenders get better and deterring them from committing another offense in the future, is more beneficial than institutionalization. Some offenders commit crime because they do not feel their worth or importance in their society and allowing them to feel responsible and involve in community services or activities would make them realize their worth. On the contrary, institutionalization confines the offenders and separates them from the elements of daily living to protect the safety of the majority. Apart from the fact that institutionalization is not completely effective as a punishment for offenders, maintaining a facility is very costly. Since it is a long-term punishment, the offenders are expected to remain in the institution for number of years, thus costing the government more funds to sustain its operation. 4. The first of the five primary philosophies of punishment is deterrence. Deterrence is motivating the offenders and others in the population to not engage again in any criminal act in the future. The second philosophy is incapacitation which means separation of the criminal from the rest of the world. The third philosophy is rehabilitation and this pertains to helping the offenders feel their importance through providing them trainings and education that will improve their skills and abilities. The fourth philosophy is retribution which pertains to a justly deserved penalty. The fifth and last philosophy of punishment is restoration and this is about reinstating the victim, the society and the criminals by making people respect the existing law and legal process, more responsible, and by providing more interest to the needs of the victims. 5. Incapacitation through technology is making the offenders weaker than normal and unable to do certain actions by using the power of technology in controlling and curtailing their freedom. An example is using electronic monitoring devices to know the offenders’ whereabouts instead of putting them in prison, or biomedical measures like drug treatment to control the aggressive behavior of the offenders. However, this form of punishment is deemed to be barbaric and unconstitutional because there are no laws that support such kind of punishment. In my opinion, incapacitation through technology is more beneficial than harmful to the offender because it provides a quick and effective solution to their criminal behavior. 6. The term and process of rehabilitation first started in the form of reclamation. Reclamation, which is a religion-related process, pertained to the salvation of people from the evil deeds that they did. It was more on showing the wrongdoers the right path to save them from them sins. Then, it became reformation and this time it was more related to humanitarianism in which the offenders are believed to undergo a process of change in order for them to improve themselves as human beings. Eventually, the concept of reformation became ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Law Writing Assignment: Corrections Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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