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Discrepancies Between Allocated Resources and Existing Laws Your name Institution Abstract The effectiveness of crime prevention essentially depends on the resources in terms of funds allocated for such programs. The lack of adequate evidence and proper administration of the criminal justice investigations in the state of New Jersey is a consequent reflection of federal funding plan for local crime (Rottman 1995)…
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Discrepancies between Allocated Resources and Existing Laws
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Discrepancies Between Allocated Resources and Existing Laws The effectiveness of crime prevention essentially dependson the resources in terms of funds allocated for such programs. The lack of adequate evidence and proper administration of the criminal justice investigations in the state of New Jersey is a consequent reflection of federal funding plan for local crime (Rottman 1995). One of the laws that have been compromised by such inadequate funding in the State of New Jersey is Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Law. Such inadequacies in funding have significantly contributed to improper execution of the law resulting backlog, and other prosecution errors. In view of these, this paper seeks to examine the impact of inadequate federal funding on prosecution of DWI law in State of New Jersey. The effective prosecution of DWI cases is a function of the quantity and quality of evidence presented by an officer during an investigation, the accuracy of documenting such evidence, and the precise presentation of such evidence in the trial court (Rottman 1995). As observed by American Bar Association (1987), this has not been possible in the New Jersey State because of inadequate federal funding that compromises evidence presented by the prosecutor resulting in omissions or errors during documentation, presentation, and even collection. Rottman (1995), notes that such malfunction diminishes the ability of the prosecutor to attain a conviction. According to American Bar Association (1987), complex arrest procedures and investigations provide opportunities for omission errors in the evidence collected and presented by the prosecution officers. Apparently, the type of evidence gathered, how it is gathered, and how it is documented have intense repercussions for a possible conviction. As recommended Rottman (1995), there is need to train prosecution officers in conducting DWI investigations will in essence improve documentation and collection of evidence. Besides, a study conducted by American Bar Association (1987), point to the need for better communication between police officers and prosecutors. This is because each professional group involved has gotten a distinctive way of collecting, documenting, and presenting evidence and as such, they require effective dialogue forums to improve comprehension of their issues and as such attain efficiency and effectiveness in the criminal justice system. It is unfortunate that training of prosecution officers and the establishment of a dialogue forum both require substantial funding that the federal government has not been able to fully provide. Training of prosecutors and creating a communication forum between police officers and prosecution officers has a significant bearing on the evidence presented to the court. Rottman (1995) asserts that the ability of a prosecution officer to effectively testify and recollect investigation results can affect the manner in which the presented evidence is interpreted by the jury. Rottman (1995) observes that the prosecutor may have strong impairment evidence, but the strength of such evidence may be obscured or lost if not effectively complimented by a testimony from a police officer. All these need appropriate communication machinery and training with regard to collection, documentation, and presentation of prosecution evidence. However, all these require necessary and appropriate funding by the federal government. In conclusion, the effectiveness of a criminal justice system is necessary and necessary of proper and fair sentences will have to be imposed on DWI criminals in the New Jersey State. However, as evidenced in this paper several laws, DWI law being one of them have been haphazardly implemented because of; ineffective communication process between prosecutors and police officer, inefficient methods of gathering, documenting, and presenting prosecution evidence. Investigations over this ineffectiveness in the criminal justice system all point to the inadequate funding offered by the federal government. Conclusively, laws are made to better the lives of citizens of respective nations. However, it remains an incumbent mandate bestowed upon the respective governments to adequately fund the criminal justice system in order to avoid discrepancies in dispensing justice. References: American Bar Association. (1987). Drunk driving laws and enforcement: An assessment of effectiveness. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Rottman, B. (1995). State Court Organization. California: Department of Justice. Read More
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