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Correctional Theory in General & Nontraditional Onces - Research Paper Example

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Research paper on Correctional Theory in General and Nontraditional approaches Name of the student: Law Name of the Institution: Date: Abstract Correction strategies are necessary to be implemented in a country’s judicial system. This makes society a hospitable and calm place to be in…
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Correctional Theory in General & Nontraditional Onces
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Download file to see previous pages Nontraditional strategies like Electronic Home Monitoring and Day reporting have garnered prevalence in the judicial system. They are aimed at reducing the judicial expenditure and enhancing rehabilitation into the community. Analysis of recidivism and educational and vocational results illustrates the effectiveness of these strategies compared to traditional correction strategies. Introduction Criminal offenders are members of the societal system who needs protection and care from the very society that they threaten. For this reason, correction facilities such prisons and juvenile correction centers have been established to help in changing the offenders from their criminal ways into responsible and productive members of the society. Correction of offenders is essential to ensure that they refrain from their criminal endeavors and also to enhance a safer community where no one is threatened by their presence. Sociologists and criminology scholars have advanced various theories, both traditional and non-traditional to explain the evolution and importance of correction systems. Each of these theories has been advanced to support various goals and objectives of the correction process. The goals include advancing the principle of cost effectiveness and reducing rates of recidivism. Prevalent Competing Theories of Correction Rehabilitative strategy is one of the prevalent theories of correction. Rehabilitation is aimed at making the community a better place to live by changing the mindset of the offender and eliminating the factors that make an offender engage in crime. It is also aimed at reintegrating the offenders back into the community rather than eliminating them and excluding them due to their acts. Rehabilitative strategy is all round as it not only changes the individual, but also changes the society from which the individual lives. It is a strategy aimed at completely eradicating the proponents of criminal behavior (Cullen and Gendreau, 2000). Boot camp (Shock incarceration) strategy as the name suggests is a correction strategy that resembles martial indispensable training. This correction program entails manual labor, emphasizes on forceful physical bustle, and any activity that was aimed at reducng free time that the inmates might have. This strategy also implies strict rules as pertains to the appearance and the conduct of the inmates. Intense verbal techniques are also utilized by the correctional officers, aimed at constructive changes by shuttering the in mates resistance (Parent, 2003). Difference in the Goals of these Correction Strategies Goals of rehabilitative strategy Firstly, it attributed breaking of the law to social and psychological factors that led the individual to breaking the law and these factors needed to be dealt with in a personalized approach. Secondly, it aimed at changing the factors that led each offender to committing crime. In addition, the rehabilitative program was aimed at individualizing the correction of each offender on a case after case basis. Consequently, this correctional approach aimed at incorporating discretion in the imposition of sanctions to offenders (Cullen and Gendreau, 2000). Goals of boot camps (shock incarceration) strategy Boot camps as strategies of correction had three main goals. To begin with, they were aimed at reducing operational cost. Consequently, they were aimed at reducing prison populations. They were also aimed at reducing recidivism (Parent, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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