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Before going to discuss the impact of public order crimes on society, let us get a better understanding of what public order crimes actually are. Public order crimes are such crimes, which are primarily related to sex and use of drugs…
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Public Order Crimes
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Prostitution is one of the most common public order crimes being faced by the whole world. Prostitution is the business of getting money in return of providing sexual services to other people. If we talk about Chicago, the police department registers thousands of new prostitution cases every year. I believe that this activity should be free from government and law enforcement interference because it does not produce any kind of harm to any person in the society.
Prostitution as a business based totally on the will of the involved women. It provides sexual independence to women so it is not a forced sexual activity. It is a private business transaction, which cannot be performed without the will of the women. No one has the right to stop a woman from fulfilling her sexual desires whether she fulfils it with her boyfriend, with husband, or with some stranger in return of money. In Chicago, prostitution is not viewed as a serious crime, which can harm some other person. The reason is that this activity does not take place without the will of both men and women.
Pornography refers to the act of using sexual images to make the viewers arouse sexually. People view pornographic material to get sexual satisfaction. Pornography is a victimless crime and is meant to provide sexual pleasure to the viewers. People involved in the act or business of pornography show pornographic material to other people through many ways, such as, through books, websites, magazines, paintings, photos, and videos.
Pornography is a consensual act because a woman shows her body to other people with her own will. Snatching the right of porn from a woman is like snatching the sexual freedom from that woman. Although pornography is a public order crime, it does not violate the rights of women. Access to pornographic material is the right of every individual. Such feminists believe that pornography does not harm the status of women in a society rather it makes women fulfill their sexual frustration while keeping their privacy intact. The truth is that pornography harms the social status of women by showing them as something to be enjoyed. In Chicago, the graph of this crime seems to be low. The reason is that Chicago has a small porn industry as compared to other cities of the United States. The total number of porn movies coming from Chicago is very less as compared to the number of movies that come from Los Angeles. Almost 90 percent of the porn movies come from Los Angeles. Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking is one of those issues which are being faced by the United States for many years. “It refers to the illegal process through which narcotics and other illegal drugs are produced, transported, and sold”2 (Sherman, 2010, p. 7). Drug trafficking is the exchange of drugs between different drug dealers. It not only includes manufacturing of different drugs but also includes selling of drugs to the related people. It is also a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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