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A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate - Research Paper Example

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The paper presents an observation that drug and alcohol abuse also have a significant part in crimes. The majority of individuals detained for crimes mostly indicate that they were under the influence of abovementioned addiction. An additional important factor is family background…
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A Rise in Officially Authorized Economic Prospects and the Crime Rate
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Download file to see previous pages In the majority of cases, murder is committed by someone the sufferer is familiar with. Serial killers, who mostly choose victims at the ‘dictates of chance’ with no obvious reason have been identified to “become overcome with the urge to kill” (Lily et al, 2010), similar to the addict who wants his fix. It has been an observation that this situation is an outcome of both genetic as well as environmental aspects. This is a psychological sickness at work. Early caution symptoms take account of arson and brutality towards animals.
“Crime costs the United States billions of dollars every year” (Williams & McShane, 2009). Costs appear not just from lost belongings, remunerations and health care expenditures, but the huge amount of cash syphoned into the detention centre. Legal costs are an additional aspect when talking about crime. One must consider all the wages remunerated to legal representatives as well as public advocates, in addition to the utility bills for courtrooms. Possibly, the major expenditure is reimbursing the law enforcement agencies all over the nation to fight crime to have safe streets. The death sentence has not been shown to act as prevention for crime, although it does convey the message indicating that it means business. “It is hard to say how many inmates get more out of prison other than hooking up with fellow criminals and learning new ways to commit crimes” (Tibbetts & Hemmens, 2009). Individuals who would really like to amend have the most excellent shot; however, not all jails have self-enhancement plans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminological Theory Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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