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The essay "Legalization of Marijuana In California" discusses the persecution of non-violent marijuana users and growers is a clear violation of the civil liberties of the American public and this can be proven within the framework of the American Constitution.
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Legalization of Marijuana In California
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Download file to see previous pages There is insurmountable evidence that existing laws on marijuana lead to a violation of the American public’s individual freedoms and liberties. Many of these freedoms and liberties are enshrined in the Constitution and known as the bill of rights. Both the law enforcement agencies and the judiciary have used very narrow and biased interpretations of the law to harass and incriminate marijuana users and producers while legitimizing the violation of the rights guaranteed to them in the Constitution.
The Fourth Amendment guarantees the right to privacy and yet the judiciary never enforces this right when the case in question concerns marijuana. In the 1984 case of Oliver v. the United States, the police violated the defendants right to privacy by bypassing a locked gate and a no trespassing sign and found the growth of Marijuana. An institution as respected as the Supreme Court responded with a spurious rationale for this violation and upheld the conviction of Oliver. In the case of California v. Ciraolo, the Supreme Court condoned an aerial surveillance mission usually reserved for Al Qaeda members in the caves of Afghanistan over American citizens home because Law enforcement agencies found marijuana there. Based on an unverified hunch that Scott possessed thousands of marijuana plants in his home DEA agents managed to obtain a warrant and raided the victims home, having been woken up abruptly and naturally quite startled Scott drew his handgun only to be assaulted with a shower of DEA bullets. The subsequent search of Scott’s home yielded absolutely no signs of the presence of cannabis sativa. According to Judge Gray: “ nothing in the history of the United States of America has eroded our bill of rights as much as the government’s war on drugs” (Rabbani). Marijuana Laws Are Discriminatory The existing laws on marijuana have lead to extremely discriminatory enforcement practices that have contributed to the disproportionate representation of African American’s in the prison system. In the year 2008 22% of marijuana arrests in the state of California were of African Americans. Furthermore, 33% of all marijuana related felony arrests were also of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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