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Zakah in KSA: Impact and Implementation - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Zakah in KSA: Impact and Implementation" casts light on the current status of Zakah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Notably, Zakah is a term extensively used in both religious and economic spheres in the sharia-guided Saudi Arabian society. …
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Zakah in KSA: Impact and Implementation
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Download file to see previous pages We are fortunate to have been born and raised in Muslim families. To live in a society where cultural and traditional values are the highlights of your religion is one of the biggest prosperities after being born in a Muslim family. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country with 100 percent Muslim population where sharia law, which fully represents the religion of Islam, is recognized institutionally.
The government of Saudi Arabia has been following Islamic religion since its establishment. The implementation of Islamic law known as sharia law openly informs about Islam in detail. The summarized version of sharia law extracted from the Holy Quran and quoted by various researchers states, “Being the most honored in the sight of God, a believer is required to fulfill all his needs, be they material or spiritual, proportionately because such balance in all spheres of one’s life allows one to serve God Almighty most effectively while, at the same time, satisfying one's worldly needs”.
It is generally believed that to learn Islam sharia needs to be studied. Indeed, just as sharia is enforced throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muslims live peacefully under its rule. Sharia has been derived from the teachings of the Holy Quran, as well as a life lived by Prophet Muhammad Under sharia law, the Islamic society lives up to the idea of peace through the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Scholars have agreed that the religion of Islam does not promote class differentiation, but provides equal opportunity to all Muslims instead. An ideal Islamic so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This research paper was always my weak point. I could never complete it successfully. Still, after I found this particular document, I understood how it should be done. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the research paper in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.

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