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Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus - Assignment Example

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Admiral Asset Management Ltd. previously Admiral Financial Services Limited.1 (A limited liability company incorporated and registered in England as registration No. 2453460 and regulated by the Financial Services Authority) Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus July 2012 Valid from 1 July 2012 to 1 July 2013 This prospectus is issued pursuant to the requirements delineated in Directive 2003/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.2 Directory Registered Office: 12 Dudley Street Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN31 2AB3 Board of Directors: Peter Waller (Founder and Director) Carol Waller, (Director and Auditor coordinator) Michael Biggin (Director and Pe…
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Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus
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Extract of sample "Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus"

Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of laws is to ensure that businesses meet the needs and wishes of shareholders and the interests of stakeholders in accordance with modern business practices.6 This prospectus promotes the company as a whole and informs shareholders, future shareholders and stakeholders of any risks that are involved in the fixed interest investment funds.7 The issuer is an investment planning company with limited liability, registered under the laws of England and Wales. ...
nce of the Funds 23 Tax Implications 23 Charges and Expenses 23 Bibliography 27 Definition of Terms Articles of Association: The contractual document authorising the issuer to offer the fixed interest investment funds. Back-end Fee: A fee payable upon redeeming an investment or share. Common Law: judicial decisions binding the issuer in the administration and management of the fixed interest investment funds. Depository: The Bank or financial institution holding legal title to the fixed interest investment funds. Doctrine of Corporate Opportunity: A major risk factor and concern of investors relative to the risks associated with managers and directors mismanaging any investment funds and the applicable common law and statutory laws safeguarding against this kind of investment risk. Fiduciary Duty: A common law and statutory law prescribing the duty of care and level of competence applicable to and enforceable against managers who have monetary responsibilities in situations where they have control over funds that are not their own. Fixed Interest Investment Funds: funds invested with a fixed and predetermined interest rate. Investor: The person or body corporate purchasing the fixed interest investment fund. Issuer: The institution offering the fixed interest investment funds to the public. Load Fee: A fee payable upon entering an investment fund and deducted from the initial investment. Maturity Term: The bond’s life or the date at which the terms relative to the investment fund have been satisfied have been fixed. Open-ended Investment Company: an investment company characterised by collective investment schemes under the structure and framework of a company comprised of diverse capital. Statutory Law: Legislation prescribing the policies, practices, rights, duties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus Assignment.
“Offer of Fixed Interest Investment Funds to the Public Prospectus Assignment”, n.d.
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